Fall 2013

Updated: December 11, 2013

The seminars are scheduled every Thursday from 11:10 am-12:30 pm in room C210 Cheit Hall. These seminars are free and are open to the public.

Faculty Coordinator, Fall Seminars: Professor Brett Green

August 29 Thursday

Ming Yang (Duke University)
Optimality of Debt under Flexible Information Acquisition (paper link)
Pre-seminar faculty member: Brett Green

September 5 Thursday

Ralph Koijen (London Business School)
Shadow Insurance (with Motohiro Yogo, Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota); paper will not be posted. Will also discuss The Cost of Financial Frictions for Life Insurers (with Motohiro Yogo) (pdf file)
Pre-seminar faculty member: Ulrike Malmendier

September 12 Thursday

Dong Lou (London School of Economics)
Playing Favorites: How Firms Prevent the Revelation of Bad News (with Lauren Cohen and Christopher Malloy, Harvard University) (pdf file)
Pre-seminar faculty member: Marcus Opp

September 19 Thursday

Philipp Schnabl (New York University)
Who Borrows from the Lender of Last Resort? (with Itamar Drechsler, New York University; Thomas Drechsel, London School of Economics; and David Marques-Ibanez, European Central Bank) (pdf file)

September 26 Thursday

David Scharfstein (Harvard University)
Concentration in Mortgage Lending, Refinancing Activity, and Mortgage Rates (with Adi Sunderam, Harvard University) (pdf file)
Pre-Seminar faculty member: William Fuchs

October 3 Thursday

Erik Loualiche (MIT)
Asset Pricing with Entry and Imperfect Competition (pdf file)
Pre-Seminar faculty member: Dmitry Livdan

October 10 Thursday

Samuli Knüpfer (London Business School)
IQ and Mutual Fund Choice (with Mark Grinblatt, UCLA; Seppo Ikäheimo and Matti Keloharju, Aalto University) (pdf file)

October 17 Thursday

Ohad Kadan (Washington University, St. Louis)
Systematic Risk (with Fang Liu and Suying Liu, Washington University, St. Louis) (pdf file)

October 24 Thursday

Eric Budish (University of Chicago)
The High-Frequency Trading Arms Race: Frequent Batch Auctions as a Market Design Response (with Peter Cramton, University of Maryland; and John Shim, University of Chicago) (paper link)

October 31 Thursday

Enrichetta Ravina (Columbia University)
Risk Aversion and Wealth: Evidence from Person-to-Person Lending Portfolios (with Daniel Paravisini and Veronica Rappoport, London School of Economics) (pdf file)
Pre-Seminar faculty member: Adair Morse

November 7 Thursday

Raj Iyer (MIT)
Do Depositors Monitor Banks? (with Manju Puri, Duke University; and Nicholas Ryan, Harvard University) (pdf file)
Pre-Seminar faculty member: Jim Wilcox

November 14 Thursday

Pete Kyle (University of Maryland)
Market Microstructure Invariance: Theory and Empirical Tests (with Anna Obizhaeva, University of Maryland) (pdf file)
Pre-Seminar faculty member: Johan Walden

November 21 Thursday

Suleyman Basak (London Business School)
A Model of Financialization of Commodities (with Anna Pavlova, London Business School) (paper link)
Pre-Seminar faculty member: Gustavo Manso

November 28 Thursday

No Seminar – Thanksgiving Holiday

December 5 Thursday

Michael Weisbach (Ohio State University)
CEO Investment Cycles (with Yihui Pan, University of Utah; and Tracy Yue Wang, University of Minnesota) (paper link)
Pre-Seminar faculty member: Terrance Odean

December 12 Thursday

Patrick Bolton (Columbia University)
A Dynamic Tradeoff Theory for Financially Constrained Firms (with Hui Chen, MIT; and Neng Wang, Columbia University) (pdf file)
Pre-Seminar faculty member: Dwight Jaffee

For more information about the Finance Seminars, please contact June Wong, faculty assistant, at (510)642-1499 or e-mail her: june@haas.berkeley.edu