Scholarships are an excellent resource for students seeking help to reduce the dependence on loans to cover educational expenses.

The two types of scholarship that is available for students are funded through Institutional Scholarships from Haas and Outside Scholarships from other organizations. Please use this section of the website as an resource to locate funding opportunities.

Fellowship Designations

In addition to the scholarships listed on the Entering Students sub-page, there are opportunities to obtain a Fellowship Designation. The selected scholarship recipients based on criteria below opens up connection of opportunities to assist with networking and conference events. No additional funding is awarded, however there are often educational workshops and volunteer opportunities associated with each organization. Below are the list of organizations that provides such benefit.

  • The Forte Foundation works to empower female MBA students. No additional funding is awarded.
  • Reaching Out MBA works to empower LGBT MBA students. No additional funding is awarded.
  • The Consortium works to empower those committed to Diversity.
    For the Consortium, prospective students apply for admission through the Consortium process and those admitted usually receive a Fellowship Designation whether or not they also receive a monetary award.

Pre-MBA Opportunities

Many companies and organizations offer pre-MBA Fellowships. These opportunities often involve with an summer internship before you matriculate at Haas. For a full list of various pre-MBA opportunities open to admitted students, visit the New Admit Website.

UC Berkeley Graduate Division Scholarships & Grants

Parent Grants

If you are eligible for Federal Loans and have dependent children, you could qualify for the Parent Grant for up to $10,000 per year. You must complete the FAFSA to be considered. For more information, refer to the Graduate Division webpage on Student Family Assistance.

Scholarship Resources

The Graduate Division at UC Berkeley also have their own scholarship resource page, although most awards are given preference to PhD students. In record, there were a few students who were qualified for the FLAS Scholarship. (Please note: there are no matching funds from the department for Haas students.)

The Scholarship Connection is UC Berkeley’s clearinghouse for information on scholarships that are funded by sources outside the University. Competition for these awards may be local, national, or international in scope, and scholarship deadlines and requirements vary. Students are encouraged to search for scholarships on the Scholarship Connection online database. To stay up to date on available awards, enrolled UC Berkeley students may also receive biweekly e-mail updates on scholarships and related opportunities.

Separately, Haas also compiles outside scholarship information. Check out the outside scholarships list with opportunities from external organizations.

Haas – FUNED Grant

Haas is proud to collaborate with the Mexican non-profit agency, FUNED as a part of their FUNED Scholars program. The organization offers educational funding support for students from Mexico who demonstrates extreme financial need and are pursuing masters degrees at competitive academic programs worldwide.

MBA applicants will have to submit their applications to FUNED and be approved as a scholar prior to receiving consideration for the Haas – FUNED grant.

Admits must also apply for our need-based Berkeley MBA Need- Based Grant. The commitment from Haas is two awards of $10,000 each academic year.  We will prioritize first-year students who have received the Berkeley MBA Grant and then second-year students with Berkeley MBA Grant. The award may be renewed in the second year provided there is sufficient funding.