Pursuing your MBA is an investment and the Haas School of Business is here to help! Berkeley Haas offers several need-based and merit-based awards to admitted entering students.

All admitted students will be evaluated for fellowships and scholarship funding and will largely be awarded to students based on the strength of the student’s application.  With few exceptions, most awards will be announced at the time of admission. Additional merit awards are also available for continuing students for their final year of study.

A few scholarships require the completion of a supplemental personal statement. Unless otherwise noted, awards are all two-year awards which disburse in equal installments at the beginning of each semester. Award offers are subject to terms and conditions which include satisfactory academic progress in order to awards to renew in the second year.

>> APPLICANT TIP: Our recommendation is that you begin to research available scholarships with supplemental steps as you prepare for the interview process.
Applying for scholarships at Haas as a newly admitted student

We strongly encourage prospective students, for whom scholarships are a major decision factor, to apply for admission sooner rather than later. Funding for scholarships is limited and will be awarded early in the financial aid cycle.

The admissions applications contain an optional scholarship section that lists awards that require additional action. You need not complete this section to be considered for admission. Similarly, most awards will be decided using the admissions application and do not require additional action. Most awarding decisions will be announced at the time of admission.

Types of Funding Opportunities Available to Admitted Students
Based on admissions application:
Requires supplemental steps:
Berkeley Haas Excellence Scholarships

Awarded to admitted students who demonstrate extraordinary academic achievement, work experience and potential to contribute

Berkeley Haas Need -Based Grant

Awarded to admitted students demonstrating compelling financial need

Berkeley Haas Defining Leader Scholarships

Awarded to admitted students who demonstrate excellence, advocacy and/ commitment in the following areas: diversity, gender equity, industry, leadership, personal achievement


Select privately funded scholarships and fellowships

Awarded to admitted students who best fit the criteria for funding which may include industry experience and background, personal achievement, and/ demonstrated commitment to diverse and equitable workplaces

Most privately funded scholarships and fellowships

Awarded to admitted students who best fit the criteria for funding which may include industry experience, undergraduate background, and/or representation of various geographic regions

>> APPLICANT TIP: It is HIGHLY recommended that students apply for awards that require additional action in the same round/cycle as when they apply for admission.


Need-based awards require both an online application and submission of supporting documentation if selected for an award. Applicants will be asked to self-report income and asset information in order to determine eligibility for funding. Need-based grants will be awarded on a conditional basis and are subject to verification. Award recipients will be asked to submit a single digital file with supporting documentation to validate self-reported data from the application form after an award offer has been made. Our dynamic algorithm does not allow us to publish an income “cut-off point” therefore we highly recommend that all students with interest in need-based funding apply for consideration. Our review accounts for factors including, but not limited to: income, savings, assets, and household size.

Merit award applications are reviewed by committees comprised of representatives from across the entire school. Scholarships and fellowship committees will utilize the admissions application in their deliberations. The supplemental essay, when applicable, will be used to gather additional targeted information for specific awards. The criteria used to select the best recipient among qualified applicants include, but are not limited to: overall strength of the admissions application, professional goals, educational achievement, intended concentration, leadership skills, and embodiment of the Haas Defining Leadership Principles. Please note that meeting the stated criteria does not mean you are guaranteed funds; rather, it means you are eligible for consideration.

Visit our FAQ page for additional information about our scholarships process or contact us directly.

Berkeley Haas Fall Scholarships & Grants for new students

The following Berkeley Haas Fellowships and Grants are only open to new first-year students after they enroll at Haas. All require supplemental information and specifics are identified below. Students may apply to as many awards as they are eligible.

To apply for new and continuing student scholarships, please visit our online application.

Fall Fellowships New Students

Finance Fellowships: These fellowships are for first-year Full-time MBA students pursuing careers in the three finance areas below. Recipients will receive an industry mentor, preference in finance electives, and a $5,000 award disbursed in the spring of the first year. Students maintain the benefits of the fellowship the second year after successfully completing an internship in the area for which they were selected, and remaining in good standing, both academically and professionally. Please check out the Haas News Wire for a feature on the 2017 recipients. Finalists will be contacted by the committee for an interview. Applications will open Monday, September 3, 2018, with a deadline of Monday, September 24, 2018. Decisions will be communicated by Friday, October 12, 2018.

Full-Time MBA Parent Grant

The Full-Time MBA Parent Grant has been established to provide support to registered graduate student parents who live with dependent children and demonstrate financial need.

This grant is intended to provide funding for students who demonstrate need and are not eligible for the parent grants offered through the Graduate Division and Berkeley International Office.

Grant recipients will have funds applied toward their cost of attendance. This resource will be coordinated with other aid that you are receiving and as such may result in reductions to loan eligibility.

Awards will vary and are contingent on fund availability. All parents are welcome to apply. Awarding priority will be as follows:

  • First-year international students
  • Second-year international students
  • Domestic students

The application for 2018-19 is now open and will close on April 15, 2019.