Graduate Student Instructorships

Numerous Graduate Student Instructorships (GSIs), also called Academic Student Employees, are available to second-year students in several fields, especially accounting, economics, and communications. GSI’s earn income and a partial fee remission. The typical amount of the fee remission is approximately $8,658 for Fall and Spring semesters, which covers the University Registration Fee, Educational Fee, and Health Insurance Fee. The earned income for the same position is typically over $4,000.

You can apply for the GSI positions in the spring of your first year. If you have significant training in a specialized area, you may also find employment as a reader or tutor. More information about the GSI program at Haas, including how to apply, can be found on the Haas School’s Official GSI Website.

MBA students who are fully sponsored, meaning all fees are paid by a third party or outside agency, may choose to work as GSIs and/or Readers. However, if you are eligible for a fee remission from UC Berkeley, you will only receive it if your sponsoring agency reduces the sponsorship by that amount. Fee remissions will not be paid to the student as a refund if fees are being covered by an outside source.

For those of you who waive the student health insurance, the Health Insurance Fee will not be triggered to your account, so expect a lower partial fee remission.