Entering and Continuing Student Scholarships

  • Your application materials may be shared with the donor/ committee members to help them better understand your background. Committee members may include faculty, administrative staff or non- Haas employees uniquely positioned to aid in the selection of award recipients. Materials will be shared using secured methods.
  • Your scholarship application may be used to qualify you for other awards not currently listed on our website or application. This may include sharing application materials such as personal statements with committee members for selection and screening purposes.
  • Accepting your offer of admissions will also act as your acceptance of all applicable terms and conditions. Questions about the award should be directed to the Haas Financial Aid Office in writing. Scholarship offers become null and void if a deferral of admission is granted. If granted a deferral you will be able to reapply for consideration in the following year.
  • You are responsible for paying the admissions deposit if you have not already done so. Funds will disburse after the deposit deadline and go to the university first and are usually applied directly toward any billable costs. Funds cannot be used to pay admissions deposits.
  • Need-based award offers (Berkeley MBA Need-Based Grant, Shapansky Grant, Carlston Family Fellowship and Beyond Yourself Fellowship) are contingent upon successful completion of verification. You will be asked to submit documentation to support all self-reported information. Failure to adequately provide requested documents will result in cancellation or reduction of offered award.
  • You are responsible for maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward completing your degree in the MBA Program, as evidenced by continuous enrollment and a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0. If you fail to maintain SAP, as defined above, at the end of the spring term of your first year, disbursements in your second year will be reduced by half until the cumulative GPA is brought back up to a 3.0.
  • You may be selected later for a larger Haas Scholarship, in which case it will replace the award offered to you here. This may happen if you apply for another scholarship in a later review date or a scholarship committee revisits a previous application, funding permitting.
  • You may be contacted for information to share with a donor or you may be asked by Marketing for information so they could feature you in a Haas publication. Your name and directory information (such as name, program and year in school) may appear among a list of recipients on the Haas Financial Aid website, or shared with a donor if applicable.
  • Immediately email the Haas Financial Aid Office of any change in financial circumstances which involves the receipt of outside aid for educational expenses in excess of $15,000 such as company sponsorship, an external scholarship, or VA Benefits. Outside aid not already reported in your scholarship application that exceeds the $15,000 threshold may impact your Haas Scholarship.
  • If you transfer to a different academic program, you will lose all eligibility for the award as funding sources differ between programs. If you withdraw from the program, the disbursements for the term in which you withdraw may be reduced or removed and all supplemental disbursements will be cancelled.
  • If you are or become a joint degree student in the MBA/MPH program or JD/MBA program, you will be enrolled for one or two additional semesters respectively. Multi-year scholarship awards will not be extended to cover the additional term(s) of enrollment.
  • Students who receive scholarship amounts in excess of tuition & fees may be subject to taxation. See information from Graduate Division or the International Office tax form webpage for additional guidance.
  • EWMBA/MFE/EMBA: Students are expected to enroll in at least 6 units in order to retain eligibility for disbursement. Students who fail to meet that enrollment requirement and are not in their final term of their program will forfeit any expected disbursement for that term.

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