The total assessed fees have been determined by the UC Office of the President.  All fees are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California.

Class of 2023 – Program fees are expected to be approved and Estimated Living Expenses updated in May 2021. For budgeting purposes, it may be helpful to note that program fees have historically increased by 2% for each entering class.

Class of 2022

Terms Assessed Fees Estimated Living Expenses Total/Term
Fall 2020 $38,800 $4,375 $42,485
Spring 2021 $38,800 $4,375 $42,485
Summer 2021 $38,800 $4,375 $42,485
Fall 2021 $38,800 $4,375 $42,485
Spring 2022 $38,800 $4,375 $42,485
Itemized Total $194,000 $21,875 $212,425

Note: These figures for estimated living expenses are finalized just before the academic year begins as it is based on the amount of time you are on campus for scheduled instruction. The finalized schedule could cause the estimated living expenses to adjust.

  • Assessed fees: Covers the tuition, books*, hotel accommodations, administrative fees, and most meals during residency periods. Airfare is not included. Participants and/or Sponsors are billed in equal amounts each of the 5 terms. All budget items are subject to change by the UC Regents, UCOP policy changes, external or internal audits, or Congressional action.
  • Books*: Due to a new federal statute that went into effect Summer 2016, programs that bundle textbook costs with tuition are required to offer an opt-out. By opting out, students become responsible for acquiring all textbooks on their own after the syllabi are released. A waiver would then be applied to their assessed fees.”
  • AB990 Disclosure: Information about the market cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the areas surrounding campus where its students commonly reside can be found on the UC Berkeley Housing Resource page (see Off-Campus Housing> Typical Rent ranges).
  • Student Health Insurance: is no longer part of the required fees for the EMBA Program. If you are interested in referrals for health insurance plans, please call the Student Health Insurance Office at (510) 642-5700 or email your questions to


IMPORTANT: Please contact the Haas Financial Aid Office immediately if you become aware of financial aid exceeding the Cost of Attendance. A loan return may need to be initiated if a student anticipates Third Party Contract, and/or any additional Gift Aid that exceeds the Cost of Attendance.

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