Haas Alumni Network

Class Engagement Officer

As the Class Engagement Officer, you are the connector for all Haas alumni employed by your organization and Berkeley-Haas.

For more information, contact:
Tenny Frost, Executive Director, Alumni Relations & Development,
frost@haas.berkeley.edu or call 510.643.5340

Responsibilities & Benefits


Keep your classmates engaged with each other and the school, and help to enhance the school's reputational and financial strength.

  • Peer-to-peer Communications & Outreach:
    • Communicate with your classmates about Haas School news, encouraging them to Hire Haas, participate in alumni events and Big Give, and get involved
    • Encourage sharing of personal and professional updates for the Alumni Notes feature in the BerkeleyHaas magazine
  • Enhance the School's Financial Strength:
    • Make your annual donation to the Haas Fund
    • Lend your voice for one or two email appeals encouraging your classmates to support the school philanthropically
  • Participate in Volunteer Meetings & Conference Calls:
    • Participate in video conference calls with the Dean for strategy updates and school news
      • Thursday, October 15 at 12:30 pm PST
      • Wednesday, May 11 at 12:30 pm PST
    • Attend the Class Volunteer Leadership Conference
      • Saturday, February 6, 2016
  • Access to the Dean and Berkeley-Haas senior leadership
  • Networking with other alumni leaders
  • Personal staff liaison
  • Access to faculty & additional learning opportunities at Conference
  • Complimentary admission to select Berkeley-Haas events
  • Recognition in the Annual Report and on the website


  • Enthusiastic and committed to Berkeley-Haas
  • An exemplar of the school's defining principles
  • Understand how the Haas Fund supports the school's mission and goals
  • Committed to increasing alumni participation and giving to the Haas Fund; a current Haas Fund donor, willing to encourage others to support the school
  • Accessible to staff liaison

Volunteer Check List

Embody your culture:
  • Demonstrate the Berkeley-Haas culture by embodying the defining principles, and carry a Haas Culture Card to share with alumni and colleagues
  • Post notes/stories within your social/micro networks to build awareness of and appreciation for the Haas School and the defining principles
  • Recommend 3+ classmates to be profiled on how they embody Haas culture
Serve your community:
  • Ensure your online profile and photo are current in @cal
  • Attend at least one Haas event (regional or signature)
  • Inform your classmates about upcoming Haas events
  • Take the call — connect with alumni and students about career or industry-related topics
  • Be active in online communities
  • Submit an Alumni Note for an upcoming BerkeleyHaas magazine
  • Hire Haas — Build a Haas presence in your company/firm:
    • Encourage HR to post internships for Haas students
    • Encourage HR to post job openings for Haas students and alumni
Support the realization of Haas' financial future
  • Make your annual donation to the Haas Fund by campaign deadline of June 30
  • Encourage your classmates to join you in supporting Berkeley-Haas
  • Participate in the Big Give social media blitz
  • Review a list of classmates and/or alumni, and recommend potential donors to your staff liaison
Leverage lifelong learning
  • Suggest other alumni who can serve as speakers on campus or at regional events
  • Visit and view the lectures and seminars posted on Haas Insights
  • Review UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education's (CEE) website and course offerings, and consider leveraging your 15% alumni discount to attend a course
  • Share the CEE course selection with your class, employer and friends
  • MBA Alumni: Review the MBA Alumni Audit Program course selection (sent every December 15 and July 15) and consider sitting in on a class