About Us

The Center for Young Entrepreneurs at Haas

About YEAH

YEAH started with one simple idea: help high school students in the Bay Area be the first in their families to go to college. For over 25 consecutive years, YEAH has helped almost 1000 students go to college. 100% of our participating students have graduated from the program to pursue higher education. Since its beginnings, YEAH has grown to become a four-year program focused on leadership development and college readiness. By continuing to utilize the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business facilities, professors, and student community as mentors, YEAH provides a safe and intimate learning environment for high school Bay Area students to cultivate the necessary skills to succeed inside the classroom and beyond.

pictures of YEAH students

Our Impact

100% of the students who complete YEAH's four year program have gone on to graduate high school and attend college. YEAH serves Bay Area youth who need support in their path towards higher education. Our students tend to be African- or Hispanic-American, live in inner cities, and come from working-class backgrounds. Statistically, students that match this particular demographic in the United States have a very low probability of being admitted into college due to the lack of surrounding academic and financial resources, preparation, and guidance.