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It's no secret that YEAH program alumni have a way of sticking around long after they enter college. They return to the YEAH program, this time as mentors for the latest crop of YEAH participants. Why would these busy college students and business professionals want to do so? We asked our YEAH graduates to share their thoughts about their mentoring experiences.

"Participating in the YEAH program as a mentor has given me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself. When I was approached two years ago to join the program, I was a little hesitant at first because I didn't think I could commit the time. As I think back to that moment, I cannot believe that I almost let the opportunity pass me by. Working with middle and high school students on valuable life and business skills has allowed me to make a small difference in their lives, but it's much more than just a simple one-way exchange: these students have enriched my life in so many ways, teaching me how to become a more appreciative, supportive, and understanding person."
-Colin da Cunha
Former mentor and RISE@YEAH Founder

"I consider my experience mentoring with YEAH a definite highlight of my college career, one that made my time at Haas all the more special and rewarding to be involved in an organization that allowed me to give back to my community. It was a privilege to work with the YEAH middle school students to teach them business principles and help them build their own social enterprise. Watching them grow, take ownership and become leaders throughout the process is what inspired me most to continue my involvement with YEAH even post graduation."
-Michelle Vega
Former YEAH mentor

"The community that I live in is one with few opportunities to see the world. YEAH gives us the tools we need to be successful. It opens our eyes to the real world. It helps us grow socially, academically and transforms us into better, more experienced people."
-Adolfo Ivan Gomez
Gates Millennium Scholar, YEAH graduate and UC Berkeley

"When I first began at Haas, I was nothing more than a timid 8th grader who tried to pass herself off as a hardcore chick who didn't take no mess. As time went by when the staff and mentors really showed they cared, I began to shed all that hard core-ness. The Haas program has inspired me in major ways."
-Rena Stone
YEAH Graduate and graduate of Fisk University