Re-imagining US-India Ties:
Investing in Mutual Strengths

The relations between India and the U.S. are important to both nations, as well as to the Indo-Pacific region and the rest of the world. The two countries are in the spotlight on matters of globalization, trade, technology, and Asia’s stability. India and the U.S. share critical political and economic values, and there is tremendous scope for cooperation and collaboration between the two on bilateral and global trade and investment, technology development, defense, education, Indo-Pacific regional stability, and much more.

The U.S.-India relationship has grown exponentially during the past couple of decades, particularly in business. There are enormous opportunities for mutual investment and trade. India offers American companies an enormous market for consumer items, defense equipment, infrastructure, education, and technology, and the U.S. companies can tap into India’s enormous talent pool frugal production expertise. The ideological and geopolitical incentives for mutual cooperation are also vital and the two countries need to work together to support Asian political and economic freedom.