Research Objectives

CGM will facilitate research and evidence-based knowledge creation that aims to foster economic development and improve lives.  Faculty from the Haas School of Business and related departments – including economics, engineering, public health, and public policy – are engaged in research activities in growth markets around the world. CGM will facilitate collaboration between UC Berkeley researchers and companies, academic institutions, and policymakers. The center also provides a platform to disseminate research findings and knowledge to stakeholders. Focus areas include energy, healthcare, entrepreneurship, digital commerce, inequality, financial inclusion and climate change.

Research and Intellectual Engagement

Corporate Research Partnerships

The Initiative will identify opportunities for Berkeley faculty to address issues relevant to companies operating in growth markets. Examples include (a) using state-of-the art analytical techniques, including machine learning, to examine data sets from partner companies and (b) providing research insights for partner companies and policy makers based on impact evaluation and experimentation (for example, A/B testing).

Academic Partnerships

CGM will collaborate with top universities on research, teaching and policy engagement.


Non-Governmental and Developmental Partnerships

CGM will collaborate with key nongovernmental and developmental entities (i.e., World Bank and the Gates Foundation) on critical research, policy and development challenges.

Research Support

CGM will work to generate research funding for faculty research projects, Ph.D. students, and post-doctoral scholars.

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