bCourses is a Berkeley-branded learning management system also known as Canvas. Up to this point, we reviewed at a high level, principles of teaching in a digital format. bCourses, as a learning management system, is designed specifically to respond to the requirements or the principles of effective online teaching.

Just about anything that you need to successfully teach remotely, can be found in its feature-rich tool set. All bCourse tools can be bundled into the following categories:

  • Content creation
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Assessment and grading
  • User and course management
  • And Accessibility

At Haas Digital, our Instructional Designers offer easy-to-deploy Cidi Lab templates for bCourses. A well organized and well planned bCourse site is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at but significantly enhances the student’s learning experience.

We provide customized support to faculty and staff to make beautiful templates accessible.

Book a consultation with us to learn more about bCourses and the services that Haas Digital has to offer to spruce up your bCourse site.