Berkeley Changemaker

In this promotional video, Professor Alex Budak invites students to join him and 20 other all-star faculty members in The Berkeley ChangemakerTM, where students discover their own authentic leadership styles, how they can create teams – and act upon the world – to effect positive change.

Artificial Intelligence

This promotional video was produced in collaboration with Executive Education’s marketing team to hone target students, value propositions, and course features.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This video was produced to promote Introduction to Entrepreneurship taught by Aaron McDaniel. In the video, Aaron explains how the course is structured and details expectations. Introduction to Entrepreneurship is a flipped course meaning that all lectures are pre-recorded and made available to students before they attend class for discussions and collaboration.

Power & Politics

This video was published during EWMBA course bidding and registration, and later led to full enrollment. Cameron explains who should take this course, what they’ll learn, and how the online course works.

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