The Faculty Experience

Have you wondered what goes behind the scenes of a digital production of a course? Have you wanted to come in for a studio experience and wanted to learn a bit about the process ahead of time? This video captures the essence of the studio experience and what the outcome will be.

Learn More About Our Video Production

Our Video Producers:

  • Produce studio, campus, & on-location shoots
  • Assist with scripting & conceptualizing course videos
  • Edit video & audio
  • Use single-camera and multi-camera sets
  • Create motion graphics

Our video and media production process can be broken down into three main steps.

  1. First, we’ll do the pre-production work. This is the planning stage of the process, which consists of refining your content, writing scripts, and deciding on the look and feel of the video.
  2. Second, the instructor will come into the studio for a series of lecture recordings.
  3. Third, the videos will be go through post-production which includes editing, animating, and quality assurance checks.


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