An Immersive Teaching Experience for Faculty

With up to 84 students in a class, experience a virtual classroom that’s just as good as attending a live class. Your learners will engage in a live and collaborative environment that’s designed for groupwork and sharing, while their active participation is encouraged with polls and quizzes.

Experience our Virtual Classrooms, a powerful distance learning system that offers a live classroom experience. Engage your students in a virtual experience unlike anything they’ve seen before.

The Virtual Classroom enables students and teachers to communicate, collaborate, and engage actively with quizzes, polls and silent questions. Wherever they are - inside the classroom, across the campus or beyond – the Virtual Classroom supports educators and learners to engage with success. Even more, our Virtual Classrooms help you to monitor and manage your students, featuring data analytics to all the sessions you teach.

We invite you to connect with us for more information about Virtual Classrooms and how you may want to join a growing list of faculty teaching in our innovative technology spaces.

5 Reasons to Try Out the Virtual Classroom

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