Honorlock Online Proctoring

Honorlock provides on-demand proctoring services that are integrated directly within bCourses.

The easy to use platform operates around you—no special scheduling, headaches, or bulky software downloads are required. Just create your exam in bCourses and you’ll be a few clicks away from enabling the Honorlock software.

Please note: If you wish to use Honorlock to remote proctor an exam in any course, you must clearly state your intention to remotely proctor an exam within your course syllabus. Even if you are only thinking about using Honorlock in your course, but haven’t fully decided yet, we recommend you include Honorlock information in your syllabus.

Student Privacy

Student privacy and data are a top priority for us, and Honorlock is committed to ensuring security for students using their software. View the video linked below to learn more about Honorlock’s commitment to student privacy: https://honorlock.com/studentprivacy/

Ease Of Use

View the video to the left to see just how easy it is to enable Honorlock in a bCourse exam, and to learn what customizable settings it has to offer.

Setup & Use Guides

Before enabling Honorlock in your bCourse site it is required that you clearly state your intention to remotely proctor an exam within your course syllabus. Doing so will allow students enough time to properly prepare for a remote exam if they wish to request academic accommodations, or if they need to upgrade their personal computer hardware (webcam, microphone, etc…).

Any student having a technical issue preventing them from using Honorlock to take a proctored exam such as inadequate internet bandwidth to support streaming video, a non-functioning webcam, or an inability to secure a private location in which to take the exam, should email [email protected] as early as possible before the exam to request support.

Request More Information About Honorlock

Interested in learning more about Honorlock and adding it to your course? Click the button below to complete our request form and a Haas Digital team member will connect with you soon.

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