The Students Always: Management & Leadership Training and Development Curriculum promotes a unique Berkeley Haas’ management community while also allowing for personalized developmental experiences. It leverages UC Berkeley’s training and development resources as well as Berkeley Haas’ own management and leadership expertise.

T&D Curriculum Components

This Curriculum has two components: A Foundation component, which applies to all Berkeley Haas managers, and the Curriculum itself, with content and activities appropriate to the various spheres of management/leadership accountability in the school.


The Curriculum has already contributed to improving managers’ satisfaction with professional development opportunities at Berkeley Haas and increasing awareness about managers’ role in their own success and the success of the school. Moreover, new knowledge and skills are being applied back on the job. Overtime, new skills, knowledge and management practices, aligned with our Defining Leadership Principles are expected to promote greater managerial role effectiveness and support an even stronger Berkeley Haas’ management community.

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