The HEART and Spot Award Program recognizes the excellence that exists in all units and job functions at Haas. Any member of the Haas community may submit nominations at any time. The HEART and Spot Award Committee then reviews nominations and recommends HEART and Spot award distribution.

The 2019-2020 HEART and Spot Award committee includes: Rosemary Alonso, Danelle Carr, Verse Gabrielle, Mark Gorenflo, Dawn Kramer, Lucas Mollenbrink and Miguel Rivas.

The committee will review nominations every week. To nominate a colleague for a HEART or Spot award, please complete the nomination form (provide as much information as possible about the accomplishment) and submit to Rick Bidgood. Please note it takes about one month from the time of submission for the awardee to receive a spot award on their paycheck.

PPSM (PSS and MSP), employees in the Clerical (CS) bargaining unit and student employees are eligible to receive Spot Awards. Represented employees in bargaining units (other than the Clerical bargaining unit) are eligible for HEART awards.

Last year, a total of 109 Spot Awards were awarded to Haas staff members who have exemplified our four Defining Leadership Principles—Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always and Beyond Yourself. See them below!


Unit at Time of Nomination
Individual or Team Nomination
Amanda Leung Academic Human Resources Individual
Rosemary Alonso Academic Human Resources Individual
Yuko Noguchi Academic Human Resources Individual
Adrienne Mamin Academic Planning and Instruction Individual
Rocky Moran Academic Planning and Instruction Individual
Rosina Rocco Academic Planning and Instruction Individual
Cam Tu Phan CFRM Individual
Fani Garagouni CFRM Individual
Chris Gavin CMG Team
Hoyt Ng CMG Team
Marion Song CMG Individual
Mary Balingit CMG Individual
Kun Yang CMG Team
Laura Benoit CMG Team
Linda Yach CMG Team
Luke Kreinberg CMG Team
Marcia Soares CMG Team
Natalie Brain CMG Team
Almadora Henry Dean’s Office Individual
Meg Fellner Dean’s Office Team
Monica Colombo Dean’s Office Individual
Sarah Bottger Dean’s Office Team
Alyssa Fong Development & Alumni Relations Individual and Team
Brenda Illescas Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Chika Nweke Development & Alumni Relations Team
David Moren Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Elizabeth Branoff Development & Alumni Relations Team
Emily Ufheil-Somers Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Evelyn Ortman Development & Alumni Relations Individual and Team
Iberia Zafira Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Jeanne Huang Li Development & Alumni Relations Team
Karen Latora Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Kevin Wong Development & Alumni Relations Team
Lisa Long Development & Alumni Relations Individual and Team
Margaret Stutt Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Matthieu Kaminski Development & Alumni Relations Individual and Team
Meg Roundy Development & Alumni Relations Team
Molly Shepherd Development & Alumni Relations Team
Richard Comito Development & Alumni Relations Individual and Team
Sarah Hernandez Development & Alumni Relations Team
Sue Clifton Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Tenny Frost Development & Alumni Relations Individual and Team
Valerie Gilbert Development & Alumni Relations Team
Emily Wu EGAL Individual
Kirsten Berzon EMBA Individual
Lisa Robinson EMBA Individual
Lorena Ferguson EMBA Individual
Vanessa Martini EMBA Individual
Amanda Gill Evening Weekend MBA Program Individual
Avni Kansara Evening Weekend MBA Program Individual
Fred Smith Evening Weekend MBA Program Individual and Team
Jessica De Anda Evening Weekend MBA Program Team
Justine Roades Evening Weekend MBA Program Individual and Team
Vicki Orlando Evening and Weekend MBA Program Team
Alain Kesseru Faculty Support Unit Individual
Alexa Duarte FCREUE Team
Antoinette Lail FCREUE Team
Charles Montague FCREUE Team
Doreen Del Testa FCREUE Team
Liz Linton FCREUE Team
Tom Chappelear FCREUE Team
Monica Torres Finance Individual
Sherrell Gordon Finance Individual
Sumit Dhewajoo Finance Individual
Tiffany Santana Finance Individual
Andrea Brougher FTMBA Admissions Individual
Angela Fleekop FTMBA Admissions Individual
Eric Askins FTMBA Admissions Individual
Jared Roehrig FTMBA Admissions Individual
Liz Rosenberg FTMBA Admissions Individual
Min Le FTMBA Admissions Individual
Pam Maestas FTMBA Admissions Individual
Brian Vasquez FTMBA Program Team
Hazel Zambrano FTMBA Program Individual
Jennifer Fink FTMBA Program Team
Kristie Harris FTMBA Program Team
Nuria Garcia Rivera FTMBA Program Team
Alex Austin Human Resources Individual
Cassandra Sciortino Human Resources Individual
Dara McKenzie IBD Individual
Adriana Macias Institute for Business Innovation Individual
Susan Mendel Institute for Business Innovation Individual
Debra Goldentyer Marketing and Communications Team
Kim Girard Marketing and Communications Individual
Laura Counts Marketing and Communications Team
Ute Frey Marketing and Communications Team
Aaron Nebres MFE Team
Emily Bowie Part-Time MBA Admissions Individual
Jenny Clare Part-Time MBA Admissions Individual
Marjorie DeGraca Part-Time MBA Admissions Team
Ross Knight Part-Time MBA Admissions Team
Tristan Pettersen Part-Time MBA Admissions Team
Amy Ho Technology Solutions Individual and Team
Andres Dongo Technology Solutions Individual
Barry Waldman Technology Solutions Team
Charles Lam Technology Solutions Team
Christine Kim Technology Solutions Team
Dennis Sheridan Technology Solutions Team
Edwin Khu Technology Solutions Team
Fernando Corral Technology Solutions Team
Hong Wang Technology Solutions Team
Kathleen Harris Technology Solutions Individual
Kim Huynh Technology Solutions Team
Lisa Martin Technology Solutions Team
Maggie Gajek Technology Solutions Team
Mel Dixon Technology Solutions Team
Michelle Fang Technology Solutions Team
Miguel Rivas Technology Solutions Team
Paz Melendez-Canales Technology Solutions Team
Phil Mahoney Technology Solutions Team
Ramon Soto Technology Solutions Team
Robert Lozano Technology Solutions Team
Sara Sieteski Technology Solutions Team
Sreekala Nair Technology Solutions Team
Tom Tripp Technology Solutions Team
Tony Cricelli Technology Solutions Team
Usha Mandahar Technology Solutions Team
Vina Ryan Technology Solutions Team
Xiaoyan Ma Technology Solutions Team
Yoshi Kim Technology Solutions Team
Zane Cooper Technology Solutions Team
Barbara Felkins Undergraduate Program Team
Elinor Gregorio Undergraduate Program Team
Renee Camarena Undergraduate Program Team
Karren Tanisaki Undergraduate Program Team
Dinko Lakic Undergraduate Program Team
Dresden John Undergraduate Program Team
Alessandra Fadeff Undergraduate Program Team


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