The HEART and Spot Award Program recognizes the excellence that exists in all units and job functions at Haas. Any member of the Haas community may submit nominations at any time. The HEART and Spot Award Committee then reviews nominations and recommends HEART and Spot award distribution.

The 2019-2020 HEART and Spot Award committee is currently under selection.

The committee will review nominations every week. To nominate a colleague for a HEART or Spot award, please complete the nomination form (provide as much information as possible about the accomplishment) and submit to Please note it takes about one month from the time of submission for the awardee to receive a spot award on their paycheck.

PPSM (PSS and MSP), employees in the Clerical (CS) bargaining unit and student employees are eligible to receive Spot Awards. Represented employees in bargaining units (other than the Clerical bargaining unit) are eligible for HEART awards.

This year, a total of 46 Spot Awards were awarded to Haas staff members who have exemplified our four Defining Leadership Principles—Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always and Beyond Yourself. See them below!


Unit at Time of Nomination
Individual or Team Nomination
Rocky Moran Academic Planning and Instruction Individual
Hoyt Ng CMG Team
Linda Yach CMG Team
Natalie Brain CMG Team
Alexandra Wong Development & Alumni Relations Team
Alyssa Fong Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Brenda Illescas Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Chika Nweke Development & Alumni Relations Team
David Moren Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Emily Ufheil-Somers Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Lisa Long Development & Alumni Relations Individual
Margaret Stutt Development & Alumni Relations Individual and Team
Molly Shepherd Development & Alumni Relations Team
Richard Comito Development & Alumni Relations Team
Tenny Frost Development & Alumni Relations Team
Valerie Gilbert CMG Team
Kirsten Berzon EMBA Individual
Lisa Robinson EMBA Individual
Vanessa Martini EMBA Individual
Amanda Gill Evening Weekend MBA Program Individual and Team
Avni Kansara Evening Weekend MBA Program Team
Fred Smith Evening Weekend MBA Program Team
Jessica De Anda Evening Weekend MBA Program Team
Justine Roades Evening Weekend MBA Program Individual and Team
Vicki Orlando Evening Weekend MBA Program Team
Alexa Duarte FCREUE Individual
Monica Torres Finance Individual
Sumit Dhewajoo Finance Individual
Tiffany Santana Finance Individual
Eric Askins FTMBA Admissions Individual
Nuria Garcia Rivera FTMBA Program Team
Amy Ho Haas Digital Team
Fernando Corral Haas Digital Individual and Team
Sara Sieteski Haas Digital Team
Aaron Nebres MFE Individual
Marjorie DeGraca Part-Time MBA Admissions Team
Rahul Sampat Part-Time MBA Admissions Team
Ross Knight Part-Time MBA Admissions Team
Tristan Pettersen Part-Time MBA Admissions Team
Christine Kim  Technology Solutions Team
Michelle Fang  Technology Solutions Team
Emily Bowie Working Professionals MBA Individual
Jenny Clare Working Professionals MBA Individual


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