Henry Chesbrough, “The Father of Open Innovation,” explores the state of Open Innovation during the pandemic in this FREE webinar.


In an informational webinar Professor Henry Chesbrough, “the father of open innovation,”  discussed the state of open innovation during the pandemic. He  sketched some of the latest developments in open innovation resulting from the public health crisis, and how these pointed the way forward for organizations to recover after the pandemic. He also discussed the various ways to engage with the scholars and executives that have created a strong innovation community at Berkeley. Finally, he shared insights from his recently published book, Open Innovation Results: Going Beyond the Hype and Getting Down to Business.

Webinar topics will include:

– How open innovation is accelerating the speed of innovation responses in the pandemic.

– How open innovation is activating users, hobbyists and citizens in the fight against Covid-19

– The role of digitalization in finding new business opportunities in the midst of the pandemic

– Key success factors in implementing open innovation inside your organization