As a critical input in the economy’s production, all forms of investment finance have impact. What distinguishes sustainable and impact finance is the interest of investors not only in financial returns but also in positive impacts on environmental, governance, and social outcomes. 

The Sustainable and Impact Finance (SAIF) initiative at Haas is designed both to meet the growing demand of our students and faculty for courses, activities, and research opportunities in sustainable and impact finance and to deliver thought and educational leadership in these fields.


Sustainable Finance
The Sustainable Finance courses train students on sustainable investment principles and methodologies and to become managers and investors of sustainable/responsible/ESG investment portfolios, especially in the form of publicly-traded assets (primarily stocks and bonds).

Our flagship course is our groundbreaking Sustainable Investment Fund, where students are Principals and manage a $3 million SRI fund dedicated to delivering both strong financial returns and positive social impact.
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Impact Investing
Focusing on strategy and running an impacting investment fund, the Impact Investing courses prepare students to be impact investors, working in non-public markets investing for impact.

The Impact Investing Practicum course pairs teams of students with impact investors and companies for a 7 week project. The Berkeley Impact Venture Partners courses enable students to learn about impact venture capital by investing equity into impact start ups.
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Impact Entrepreneurship
Covering a range of important areas in impact entrepreneurship, through these courses students will gain a perspective on the investor community from whom they can raise money, how these investors will assess their startups, and a strategy-first view of startup goals.

Students interested in developing their own impact ventures would follow this track.
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SAIF is the home of the Moskowitz Prize that attracts outstanding research proposals on sustainable investing by scholars from around the world and fosters rigorous and market relevant research on sustainable investment and its impact.

In collaboration with Berkeley Law’s Business in Society Institute and the University of California Office of the President’s Investment Office and corporate sponsors, SAIF co-hosts The Berkeley Sustainable Investment Forum,  a convening of key players from business, the investment community, academia and NGOs to focus on the evolving concepts of risk management, capital allocation, and sustainable business practices with a focus on long-term value creation.