Challenge Process

Step 1

Company Submits an Innovation Challenge

Step 2

Our Students Address the Challenge

Step 3

Presenting the Solutions to the Berkeley Innovation Forum

Open Challenges

Berkeley 5G Private Networks

How Can 5G Enhance and Accelerate University Students’ Educational Experience?

  1. Researching the possibility of a 5G technology plan for academic institutions
  2. Learning the key pain points UC Berkeley students/faculty face in the areas of connectivity and IoT devices
  3. Understanding the needs and requirements of academic institutions and their campus environment
  4. Learning the key pain points of IT/Operations to meet those requirements
  5. Discovering the price threshold of the academic 5G plan
  6. Validating Ericsson’s top 5 reasons universities invest in a private 5G network
Picture of Earth from Space

Balance Sheet of the Earth

How can we visualize the magnitude of the Climate Change effects?

  1. Simple to understand at a glance
  2. Visualize the magnitude of the problem
  3. Communicates urgency with intended consequences
  4. Enables interactive communication with a feedback loop to form communities around the world
  5. Creates regional and global consensus to send a message to global leaders (political and corporate)
  6. Generates social capital formation to take action against those who are destroying the planet
  7. Begs a response from political & corporate leaders for the world to hear their response
  8. Applies to every individual’s contribution – compare it to their peers and global averages
Logo of Ericsson

Ericsson 5G Business Models

How monetizing 5G will create value for the entire Ericsson ecosystem?

  1. Research 5G network capabilities and use cases or applications that need 5G capabilities
  2. Identify top three use cases of 5G backed by data indicating customer need and traction including but not limited to Metaverse technologies
  3. Study potential business models that could be successful as new applications and models emerge
  4. Provide possible opportunities for Ericsson and how 5G can unlock opportunities that were otherwise not possible
  5.  Identify how monetizing 5G will create value for the entire Ericsson ecosystem

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