Advisors & Mentors

Solomon Darwin

Author: How to Think like the CEO of the Planet

Picture of Michael Hesse

Michael Hesse

Director of Science, NASA Ames

Picture of Matt Hancher

Matt Hancher

Engineering Lead and Founder, Google Earth and Earth Engine

Picture of Kimberly Miner

Kimberly Miner

Climate Scientist, Jet Propulsions Laboratory

Picture of Robbie Schingler

Robbie Schingler

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Planet Labs

Picture of George Jacob

George Jacob

President & CEO, Bay Ecotarium

Picture of Piyush Modi

Piyush Modi

Business Development and Chief Strategist, Industrial Sector Nvidia

Picture of Mallik Tatipamula

Mallik Tatipamula

CTO, Ericsson

Challenge Description

Develop a tool that is easy to access on mobile devices having the following features:

  1. Simple to understand at a glance
  2. Visualize the magnitude of the problem
  3. Communicates urgency with intended consequences
  4. Enables interactive communication with a feedback loop to form communities around the world
  5. Creates regional and global consensus to send a message to global leaders (political and corporate)
  6. Generates social capital formation to take action against those who are destroying the planet
  7. Begs a response from political & corporate leaders for the world to hear their response
  8. Applies to every individual’s contribution – compare it to their peers and global averages.

Squad Team

Profile Picture of Andrew Packer

Andrew Packer

Vice President, Earth Innovation Challenge

Picture of Yuliya Berezovska

Yuliya Berezovska

Business Development Manager

Profile picture of Paola Forero Varela

Paola Forero Varela

Product Manager

Profile picture of Himanshi Arora

Himanshi Arora

Product Manager

Profile picture of Daniel Klein Khafif

Daniel Klein Khafif

Business Development Manager

Profile picture of Charlie Opper

Charlie Opper

Software Engineering Manager

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