Recently several IBD alums returned to Haas to share with the current class how IBD has influenced their career trajectories and approaches to their work. Below are their reflections.

“The entire team built so much confidence through the IBD experience and learned how to be most effective working with our client,” Stephen Collins, MBA 2020, now at McKinsey & Company, had to say about his IBD experience. Stephen also shared how IBD impacted his leadership ability and approach to client management. “During IBD, I got to try out different leadership styles and figure out what fit me authentically. I also learned how to manage clients, which informs how I approach client relations today.”

Students also heard from Abby Gritter, MBA 2024, who shared this insight, “The IBD experience highlighted for me the importance of relationship building.  Once we were in-country, we were able to deepen the relationship, which transformed our ability to work together.”

George James, MBA 2016, now with software security provider Verkada, found that IBD helped him to clarify career goals: “IBD helped me to realize that I wanted to double down on doing international business and helped me to learn what I didn’t want to do going forward.”

Tiffany Tran, MBA 2020, didn’t expect to be working in the wine and spirits industry, but her IBD project with distillery Samai changed her mind.  She is now with Viña Concha y Toro, a South American wine distributor.  Tiffany gained clarity through IBD on what she wanted in her work life: “IBD was huge for my learning about the kind of experience I wanted to have in my work life after Haas. I learned that I wanted to be on the company/brand side, rather than work as a consultant, and also, how important working internationally is to me.”

Finally, Brian Bell, MBA 2020, who is now with data and security solution provider Cribl, found that “IBD gave me the chance to work with senior leaders and informed my interest in pursuing a career in strategy. The experience got me comfortable with complexity. I learned that I wanted to work on hard things and do it from within the company.

IBD Alumni from top left, clockwise: Stephen Collins, MBA 2020 /George James, MBA 2016 / Tiffany Tran, MBA 2020 / Brian Bell, MBA 2020

From Left: Terry Xu, MBA 2024 and 2024 IBD GSI / Abby Gritter, MBA 2024 / Patrick Drown, MBA 2024 / Whitney Hischier, 2024 IBD Faculty Director / Judy Hopelain, 2024 IBD Faculty Mentor


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