IBD 2020 Dinner celebration via zoom
2020 IBD students, faculty and staff during Sunday’s dinner celebration

On Sunday, April 25th, 60 meals were delivered across Berkeley and the bay area to IBD students who are now alumni of the 2020 IBD program.  It was a logistical feat, managed by Precious Ward, the IBD Program Coordinator, and the event brought teams back together for one last zoom meeting.  Although the IBD staff could never replace the loss of the travel component, there was a desire to find some way to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication that teams put into their projects last year.  

The IBD staff worked with longtime Haas caterer ACT to create a dinner that would be delivered, reheated and ready for the 7pm zoom event.  For some teams, who were fortunate to be completely vaccinated, they were able to get together for an in-person celebration, but all joined via zoom for one more IBD 2020 group meeting.  

Following words of appreciation from the IBD faculty mentors and staff, students joined their teams or found friends in other breakout rooms and faculty mentors caught up with their students for the final time.  Faculty mentor, Olaf Groth, shared there were “good conversations and delicious food.  Folks seemed to be genuinely touched and in a good mood. It was a nice finish!”

ACT Catering created individual take-home meals for IBD students

In a few weeks, IBD will celebrate the current IBD program with a virtual lunch to honor their hard work. In both the 20 and ‘21 IBD programs, nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing teams helped an international client with a real world problem.

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