Shannon, Leisha, Hans, and I came to Mysore, India after spending the first two days in Bangalore to meet our client. Mysore is the second biggest city in the state of Karnataka and lies in about 3 hours car ride from Bangalore. We are spending two weeks in Mysore to learn more about how primary health care system works and what challenges there are in rural India. Our client FRHS (Foundation for Research in Health Systems) is planning to pilot an mHealth system to strengthen existing health care system in Mysore and we are teamed up with three Indian teammates who are doing internship in FRHS.

With great support from our colleagues of FRHS, we interviewed many doctors and field health care workers in rural villages. There are many challenges and difficulties in their jobs, but they are making great efforts to provide adequate health services to rural villages. Based on our findings in the field, we are now working to find solutions to improve the health system by using mobile technology.

In the other hand, we are enjoying various kinds of real Indian food (especially south Indian cuisine) such as Masalas, Tikka, Biryani, Tandoori, Rotti, Nan, Lassi, and Curry. Even though I sometimes have hard time with some foods, but I am still quite excited about trying new menu everyday.

Already half of our IBD trip is finished, but I really look forward to the journey ahead of our team.

—Nick Kang

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