It is frequent to hear nowadays stories about China’s astonishing economic growth and the implications this is having in the rest of the world. As the four members of Team Cummins, we are getting a first-hand view of the Asian giant’s situation on the ground here at Beijing.

Our project deals with a critical dimension of the current socio-economic reality in the country; the shortage of qualified talent and the volatility of a labor market in which firms continuously fight to hire the best people and struggle to keep them employed, as opportunities and job offers abound. Our client, Cummins Emissions Solutions is facing a clear challenge: as a result of new emissions regulations that will be introduced in 2013, there will be a surge in the demand for the engine emissions reduction technology and aftertreatment components the firm manufactures. However, multiplying its operations tenfold in a short period of time will put a huge strain on the organization, and how to best implement processes and procedures to recruit, retain and train the best people is precisely the focus of our IBD project.


We are fortunate not only for having this phenomenal learning opportunity ahead of us, but also for being located in the wonderful city of Beijing, with once-in-a-lifetime sights like the majestic Forbidden City or the imposing Great Wall within easy reach. All in all, an amazing experience!

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