“Fintech applications are increasingly disrupting many aspects of everyday life: from how we pay for our coffee to how we trade stocks and apply for a mortgage,” says Professor Paul Gertler, the Li Ka Shing Professor of Economics and faculty director of the Institute for Business and Social Impact (IBSI). “If properly harnessed, fintech has the potential to do something even more revolutionary: provide access to millions of historically underserved people or those lacking access to the traditional financial system.

Haas researchers are also at the forefront of the inclusive finance movement. IBSI is poised to launch two complementary initiatives in this space: the Lab for Inclusive FinTech (LIFT), initially supported by Ripple Impact and Binance Charity Foundation, and the Wells Fargo Research Lab for Sustainable Financial Services and Innovation. The two initiatives bridge the gaps among research, industry partners, and policy makers to reimagine the design and reach of digital financial services worldwide. They combine rigorous field experiments and frontier research with fintech, big data, and AI to build an inclusive, socially responsible, and sustainable digital economy.”

Read more about LIFT’s work in the fintech space.

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