Anushka Shah

C/o 2023, Infectious Disease

Anushka is from Anaheim, CA and is pursuing the LSBE program to eventually work in a biotech startup or in healthcare consulting. She is currently an RA in Martinez Commons and has involved herself in the Bio-Business Initiative, Theatre4Charity as well as ASUC as Director of Risk Management/Basic Needs.  In her free time, Anushka enjoys exploring Berkeley‘s best food spots with her friends, hiking and working as a suicide crisis counselor. Her email is:

Armaan Tiwana

C/o 2023, Cell & Systems Biology

Prior to Cal, Armaan conducted genetic research at UCSF where she used CRISPR to study NAFLD mutations. There, she developed an interest in tackling the financial and technical barriers behind gene therapy solutions. She is the Co-Founder and Director of the Consulting branch at the Bio-Business Initiative. She also serves as a Senior Analyst for Phi Beta Lambda where she recently founded the Biotech Committee. Off-campus, she has interned with multiple startups and worked in an operations role at Pfizer. Her email is:

Armaan Tourani

C/o 2023, Medical Biology & Physiology

Armaan is from Dubai, UAE. At Cal, he is pursuing his interests in consulting through strategy consulting clubs on campus where he gets to interact with clients amongst varying sectors including the life sciences. He hopes to dive deeper into the life sciences industry through exploring further opportunities in consulting and the buy-side of the healthcare sector of financial markets. He is also part of a non-profit on campus that helps serve the underprivileged in developing communities in India, which has a focus on health. In his free time, he loves listening to music, cooking, and playing tennis. His email is:

Britney Weng

C/o 2023, Medical Biology & Physiology

Britney is from Milpitas, CA. In high school, Britney worked with the Stanford Blood Center and American Red Cross in hosting community blood drives. Since coming to Berkeley, she has taken part in research on ectopic olfactory receptors at UCSF and Bio1AL course instruction on campus. Britney is also an undergrad researcher with the Tjian + Darzacq Group and tournament director of Golden Gate Science Olympiad. She enjoys dancing with friends, traveling with family, and volunteering for local Science Olympiad tournaments. Britney’s email is

Catherine Zhu

C/o 2023, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Catherine is from Chappaqua, NY. Catherine doesn’t really know what she wants to do after college yet, but she’s perfectly happy going where the biology tides and the business winds take her. She’s interested in finding new ways to get medicines and treatments to those who are in need of them and serving as a bridge between the lab and the public. At Berkeley, she’s on the Outreach Committee of the Bio-Business Initiative and the Vice President of the Swim Club at Berkeley. She enjoys exercising, designing stickers, and watching TLC shows. Her email is:

Eden Chun

C/o 2023, BMB

Eden is from Honolulu, HI. Eden’s professional interests lie generally in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and non-profit work; she is exploring her passions further through research at UCSF on membrane transporters and their mechanisms on drug actions. She has also helped to found Sewtogether, a service organization, which is in the process of filing for 501c3 status. On campus, Eden is involved with Phi Beta Lambda, SENDforC, and the Peer Review Board. When not in the lab, you can find Eden at karaoke, swinging from a lyra, or dancing on Lower Sproul! Her email is:

Emily Barnhart-Ross

C/o 2022, GGD

Emily is from Long Beach, CA. She is interested in healthcare roles in finance, investment banking, and VC but is constantly exploring ways to integrate biology and business as the field is constantly growing. Emily has experience in both academia and industry wet-lab research. She has interned at a small biotech company and Pfizer in bioengineering and business analytics roles, respectively. Emily also volunteers at, and is the president of, Challah for Hunger, which is a nonprofit organization that strives to raise money and awareness for food insecurity on college campuses. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, golfing, playing board games, and watching TV. Her email is:

Felicia Tan

C/o 2023, Biochemistry

Felicia is from Irvine, CA. Having found her interest in healthcare in high school through acting as a makeshift nurse at a summer camp in rural China, Felicia finds joy in both helping and healing people. At Berkeley, Felicia has served as an Health Worker for UHS and was lucky enough to meet a few fantastic mentors who guided her towards the direction of business and finance. Through this, she began exploring the industry by working as an investment banking intern at Momentum Cyber, a strategy consultant at Ford, and a finance intern at Cisco Systems. Next summer, Felicia will be interning at Goldman Sachs in the healthcare investment banking division, but not before enjoying plenty of traveling, photography, film, coffee, pasta-making and an abundance of other adventures. Her email is:

Gary Liu

C/o 2022, Medical Biology

Gary is from Vancouver, Canada, but split his time between Taipei, Paris, and Dubai growing up. Previously, he conducted orthopedics research at UCSF, interned at several tech startups, and worked in both strategy and management consulting. At Berkeley, he is a part of Net Impact Berkeley, the Suitcase Clinic, and Phi Delta Epsilon medical fraternity. Looking ahead, Gary is deeply interested in the development of personalized medicine and optimizing healthcare delivery. In his free time, Gary loves to play basketball, go on desert safaris, learn French, and watch David Fincher movies. His email is:

Rajit Agarwal

C/o 2023, GGD

Rajit is from San Diego, CA. Raj is very interested in the intersection between Biology and Business. He feels that the LSBE program provides students with the unique opportunity to learn about the applications of science in a real world setting. At Berkeley, he delves into these areas through the HealthCare Consulting Group (HCG), his non-profit co-led with students across the country, as well as the upper division courses he’s taking. His future goals include attending medical school as well as working in the biotech industry. Outside of school, Raj enjoys watching football, playing piano, as well as surfing. His email is:

Rishabh Goel

C/o 2022, Biochemistry

Rishabh is from New Delhi, India. He is pursuing the LSBE program along with a minor in Data Science. He wants to pursue my interests in the entrepreneurial space of biotechnology. Rishabh is currently working in the field of drug development. He is also working on the visualisation and analysis of drug compound, toxicity, and efficacy data. Rishabh is passionate about serving the communicate especially in the healthcare space. In his free time he likes to swim, listen to songs, and watch tv shows. His email is:

Saloni Patel

C/o 2022, Neurobiology

Saloni is from San Ramon, CA. Saloni is fascinated by frontier technologies in neuroscience and precision medicine. She recognizes the role that business strategy can play in accelerating their development, and hopes to use her degrees to increase the accessibility of new therapies. At Cal, Saloni is involved with NextGen Consulting and is pursuing life science consulting full time with the intention to eventually transition to start-ups. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at the UC Botanical Garden and questing to find the best Thai food in Berkeley. Her email is:

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