Haas and UC Berkeley want you to succeed in your studies and offer a multitude of resources to help you.

These include:


Your first steps in getting help should be to take advantage of faculty office hours, attend Friday discussion sections led by Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs), and work with your assigned study group.

If you would like additional assistance, your GSI will be available for tutoring through the Brasch Tutoring Program. This program makes tutoring available free of charge to students in:

  • MBA200S Data and Decisions
  • MBA201A Microeconomics
  • MBA202 Financial Accounting
  • MBA203 Finance
  • MBA201B Macroeconomics
  • MBA204 Operations

Please contact your respective GSIs directly if you would like to utilize this resource.

Students With Disabilities

The Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) at UC Berkeley provides a wide range of services, including academic accommodations and campus access services, to help make the academic experience accessible for all students. Some ways students have utilized their accommodations in the past have been in regards to the classroom environment and on exams.

If you would like to seek accommodations, it’s advisable to apply with DSP early so that we can ensure that you receive the most thorough support. Please note, appointments with DSP can often take 2-3 weeks to schedule. If you need immediate assistance with a DSP request, please reach out to the FTMBA Director of Academics.

Health and Wellbeing

To provide balance to the academic life we encourage students to review and utilize various health and wellbeing resources available to UC Berkeley students.

If you have concerns about a student, you have many options for helping a student.

  • Berkeley recalibrate is a one-stop shop and is “designed to serve as a centralized, visible, accessible, and engaging website for wellness information, resources, and tools targeted at the entire campus community.”
  • Berkeley Wellness is a collaboration between UC Berkeley and the School of Public health to provide “positive health and medical tips to help make decisions that improve your well being, both in mind and in body.”
  • Be Well at Cal is a University Health Services effort to encourage students to take care of themselves in all aspects of their lives.
  • University Health Services (aka Tang Center) “provides comprehensive medical, mental health, insurance, and health promotion services to all Berkeley students and health programs for faculty and staff. Our services are designed to minimize the impact of illness, emotional distress, and injury on studies and work.”
    • Haas also has Dr. Don Capone, who is a UC Berkeley licensed psychologist who holds office hours at Haas. Students may reach out and contact Dr. Capone for assistance.
  • Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) “put your membership to use all year long, inside and outside. You’ll have access to two recreation centers, four pools, courts, fields, and all kinds of classes from group exercise to instructional fitness to outdoor adventure classes. It’s all up to your interests and your schedule.”



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