Haas and UC Berkeley want you to succeed in your studies and offer a multitude of resources to help you.

These include:

Tutoring for core courses

Your first steps in getting help should be to take advantage of faculty office hours, attend Friday discussion sections led by Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs), and work with your assigned study group.

If you need help above and beyond those resources, your GSI will be available for extra tutoring through the Brasch Tutoring Program. It makes tutoring available free of charge to students who are having academic difficulty in:

  • MBA200S Data and Decisions
  • MBA201A Microeconomics
  • MBA202 Financial Accounting
  • MBA203 Finance
  • MBA201B Macroeconomics
  • MBA204 Operational Leadership

Academic difficulty is defined as being at risk of receiving a grade of C or lower. Your instructor and GSI will determine who is in need of tutoring, based on class performance. Please contact them directly if you need this resource.

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