Teams@Haas delivers a common framework for teamwork within and across the various degree programs, serving over 900 students, with 2500 touchpoints a year. The program empowers Haas students with tools, techniques, and coaching to effectively support and foster positive team dynamics, and leverages the study team experience as a platform for leadership growth.

Teams@Haas is an evidence-based academic program built on the High Impact Team (HIT) Framework developed by Dr. Brandi Pearce.  A High Impact Team is one that effectively aligns, over time, in the three zones of the HIT Framework resulting in the team’s ability to meet:

  • Organizational Objectives
  • Team Performance Targets
  • Developmental Aims of Team Members

Over the course of your study team life-cycle, Teams@Haas will share the HIT tools and practices with you through workshops and bCourse communications. The program is designed to scaffold your team and support your personal leadership growth, while empowering you to develop High Impact Teams at Haas and beyond.