In a global economy, the ability to think and compete internationally is imperative. An emphasis in global management adds a global perspective to any career goal. Berkley-Haas offers a variety of courses and experiential learning opportunities that give you a global perspective. You may also consider pursuing an MA in Global Studies after your MBA.

  • MBA 256 Global Leadership
  • MBA 292T Design, Evaluate, and Scale Development Technologies
  • MBA 292H Managing Human Rights in Business
  • MBA 292T Innovative Finance for Developing Economies
  • MBA 296 Running a Multinational Corporation
  • MBA 298 International Business Development (Applied Innovation course)

Helpful electives:

  • MBA 224A Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 231 Corporate Finance
  • MBA 236G Designing Financial Models that Work
  • MBA 247 Business and Sustainable Supply Chains
  • MBA 252 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution
  • MBA 254 Power & Politics in Organizations
  • MBA 257 Decision Making
  • MBA 270 Business & Public Policy
  • MBA 277 Managing the Legal Environment of Business

(Please note that the elective courses listed above are not necessarily offered every semester or every year.)

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