The growth in sustainable and impact investing reflects increasing demand for capital that manages climate and environmental risk, is invested with an ethical lens, and weighs opportunities with quality in governance, labor, and supply chain inputs.

An emphasis in sustainable and impact finance prepares you to be a leader focused on achieving both strong financial and impact returns. Courses and programming offered by the Sustainable and Impact Finance initiative at Haas give you the skills and experience to be the vanguard of new thinking around “strategy first” investing; defining the goal or mission of the capital agenda and then using every available investment tool as part of the solution.

Recommended Electives: 

Sustainable Finance

  • MBA 222 Financial Information Analysis
  • MBA 292T Sustainable Portfolio Construction
  • MBA 292J Sustainable Investment Fund

Impact Investing

  • MBA292T Impact Investing Landscape
  • MBA 236V New Venture Finance
  • MBA 292T Haas Impact Fund
  • MBA 292T Impact Investing Practicum

Helpful Electives:

  • Impact Entrepreneurship: MBA292T Food Innovation Studio, MBA295A Entrepreneurship, MBA295T Entrepreneurial Strategy, MBA292T Impact Start Up Disco, MBA295T Bay Area Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Finance: MBA236G Designing Financial Models that Work, MBA236I Fixed Income, MBA236L Private Equity, MBA233 Asset Management, MBA231 Corporate Finance, MBA295B Venture Capital
  • Social Impact: MBA292T Social Impact Metrics, MBA292A Strategy and Leadership for Social Impact, MBA296 Applied Impact Evaluation

Recommended co-curricular activities: