In order to complete the MBA program, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

Students in concurrent degree programs will have different graduation requirements and should consult with an academic advisor regarding their progress.

If you leave the University without having completed one or more of these graduation requirements, you have seven years from the date you started the program to complete them. However, you may have to be readmitted and pay full fees for a semester (including out-of-state tuition, if applicable) to complete the outstanding requirement(s) and graduate.

Units and Course Loads

You must complete 51 units of course work to graduate.

You must enroll for at least eight units each semester. You may not take more than 16 units in a semester unless you obtain permission from the MBA Program Director.

Core Course Requirement

You must pass all core courses to graduate.

Applied Innovation Courses

You must pass one of these Applied Innovation courses to graduate:

  • MBA 212A – Cleantech To Market
  • MBA 236J – Hedge Fund Strategies
  • MBA 247 – Product Design
  • MBA 257 – People Development
  • MBA 280 – Real Estate Investment Analysis
  • MBA 290H – Haas@Work
  • MBA 290N – Managing The New Product Development Process
  • MBA 290T – Design, Evaluate & Scale Developmental Technologies
  • MBA290T – Product Management
  • MBA290T – Corporate Launchpad
  • MBA 292C – Strategic and Sustainable Business Solutions (Formerly titled Strategic CSR and Projects)
  • MBA292N – Impact Investing Practicum
  • MBA292N – Food Innovation Studio
  • MBA 292S – Social Sector Solutions
  • MBA 292T – Equity Fluent Leadership: The Value of Inclusion & Diversity
  • MBA 292T – Design Sprint for Corporate Innovation to Create Social Impact: The Netherlands
  • MBA 292J – Haas Sustainable Investment Fund*
  • MBA 295F – Lean Launchpad
  • MBA 295T – Social Lean Launchpad
  • MBA 295T – Startup Lab
  • MBA295T – Lean Transfer
  • MBA 298 – International Business Development

*Entire three-semester sequence must be completed to fulfill the requirement.

You may take no more than three applied innovation courses during your time in the MBA program and no more than two in any single semester.

Minimum GPA (Grade Point Average)

You must maintain an overall cumulative GPA (grade point average) of 3.0 or better to graduate. Read the grading policy to learn more.

If your GPA falls below 3.0, you will be placed on academic probation by the Graduate Division. This can affect your eligibility for exchange and certificate programs and other activities.

Students who do not bring their GPA up to the minimum may be dismissed.

The Academics team is available to help students in academic difficulty develop a study plan to improve their grades.

Academic Residency Requirement

The full-time MBA program extends over two academic years. You must register for a minimum of eight units and pay registration fees in both the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year (for a total of four semesters) to graduate.

You must complete all work within two years from starting the program, unless you receive approval to withdraw for one or more semesters, or are enrolled in a concurrent degree program.

If you fall below the normal load of units, either because you fail a course or choose to take a smaller course load, you will have to take an overload in a subsequent semester.

You may take Summer Session courses to meet the 51-unit graduation requirement, with permission from the MBA Program Director. However, registration in Summer Session cannot be used to satisfy the four-semester academic residency requirement.

Payment of Fees

You must have paid all fees before graduation, including:

  • Tuition and registration fees
  • Fees for other University services such as housing, library, telecommunications

Registration fees are due (either in full or the first installment) no later than:

  • August 23 for the Fall 2019 semester*
  • January 17 for the Spring 2020 semester

Late payments are subject to a late-payment fee. Failure to receive a billing statement does not relieve you of the responsibility to pay your fees on time.

The Deferred Payment Plan allows you to pay your fees in 5 equal installments of 20% each semester, with the first payments due August 15 and January 15. A non-refundable participation fee will be assessed to your account. Please do not pay the participation fee until it is billed.

Any financial aid you may receive cannot be credited to your account until you are enrolled for classes and have cleared any holds.

See the Registrar’s website for more detailed information on fee payment.

If you are receiving federal loans or Haas scholarships and have questions about paying your fees, see the Financial Aid website or visit the Haas Financial Aid Administrator’s office.


Commencement ceremonies are held once a year,  traditionally in May on the weekend following final exams in the Spring semester.

The MBA commencement ceremony takes place in UC Berkeley’s Greek Theatre. Exact information about the date, time, location, and guest attendance will be provided early in the Spring.

Graduation with Honors

The top 10% of students in each graduating class, as measured by GPA, will have the distinction of Graduation with Honors.

The likely candidates will be recognized at Commencement. However, the final determination for Graduation with Honors will occur a few weeks after Commencement and will be based on the cumulative GPA for all courses completed during the MBA Program.

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