Waiver exams allow you to waive certain core courses and start taking electives in your area of interest early in your time at Haas. You should consider taking a waiver exam if you have academic or professional experience in the subject matter.

Waiver exams for all courses offered in a given semester are given before the semester starts. A passing grade on a waiver exam exempts you from having to take the class, although you may choose to take it anyway. Waiving a core course does not reduce the number of units needed to graduate. You must take additional elective course(s) to complete the 51-unit graduation requirement. You may, however, take the elective(s) in a later semester.

You may waive any of the core courses except:

  • MBA 200P Problem Finding, Problem Solving
  • MBA 205 Leading People
  • MBA 200C Leadership Communication
  • MBA 207 Ethics
  • MBA 299 Strategic Leadership

If you have any questions about the waiver exam process or the specific exams, please contact the MBA Program Office by email at FTacademics@haas.berkeley.edu.

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