With some limitations, you may take courses from other UC Berkeley departments and schools and apply the credits to your MBA graduation requirement.

Courses Outside the Haas School

Courses taken outside the Haas School must be relevant to your MBA degree or career goals. To apply the units toward your graduation requirement, you must take the courses during a regular Fall or Spring semester; Summer session courses and courses taken at UC Berkeley before begining the MBA Program will not be accepted except in rare situations with the approval from the MBA Program Director.

You may take:

  • Up to 6 units of graduate courses (numbered 200 or higher) or upper-division undergraduate courses (numbered 100-199) in other UC Berkeley departments to count toward the 51 units needed to graduate from the MBA program. Please note that DeCal courses (whether they are upper-division or lower-division) cannot be counted towards your degree.
  • These courses for a letter grade or on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) basis.

Requests to take more than six units should be submitted to the MBA Program Director before enrolling in the course.

You may not take lower-division courses (numbered 1-99) or DeCal courses for degree credit, but they may be taken as an overload, strictly for your own interest. Lower-division foreign language courses (see below) are an exception.

Foreign Language Courses

You may take lower-division undergraduate language courses (numbered 99 and lower) and apply 60 percent of the credits toward your 51-unit graduation requirement with approval from the MBA Program Director.

To receive credit, you must:

  • Complete at least two semester courses in the same language
  • Earn a grade of B- or better (or S if taken S/U) in each course; grades in lower-division language classes do not count in your cumulative grade point average
  • Obtain the approval of the MBA Program Director to earn more than six units of graduate credit in language courses

You also may take upper-division language courses (numbered 100-199) for full credit, either for a letter grade or an S/U basis.

To request permission to take lower-division language courses, submit a written proposal that outlines how the language program complements your career objectives to ftacademics@haas.berkeley.edu.

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