Bid on a Course

Seats in elective courses are initially allocated through a bid system, using the On-line Registrar (OLR). Before the start of each semester, the FTMBA Academics Team shares a comprehensive Google Site that provides the rules and process of bidding, elective schedules, resources for course planning and bidding strategy recommendations. 

Because not all electives are offered each semester, and enrollment is limited, popular electives fill up. The bidding system provides a level playing field for enrollment as it enables us to:

  • Fairly allocate seats in classes where demand exceeds supply
  • Identify and cancel courses with insufficient demand
  • Allow students who receive financial aid to get pre-enrolled in enough courses (six units minimum) to prevent charges before applied to your bill

Bidding is our primary enrollment mechanism and allows students to secure enrollment in some, most, or all of their semester elective courses. However, bidding is not a student’s only chance at gaining enrollment into electives. Just before classes begin, students receive additional communication explaining how to add and/or drop classes during the beginning of the semester. 

See an example of prior Bidding information here:

Fall 2020 Bidding Site for rising Second Years 

Add/Drop a Course

The period from the first day of classes through the second friday is known as Add/Drop. During this time you will be able to fill out and make final adjustments to your schedule for the semester. With the exception of a few courses that do not have an add/drop period (which are clearly marked during the bidding process), you will be able to drop and add courses in real-time as your fellow students do the same. 

Once this period has ended, you will not be able to add or drop any MBA course unless there are significant extenuating circumstances (such as a health emergency). 

In advance of Add/Drop each semester, you will receive an e-mail message from the MBA Academics Team announcing the period, explaining the process, and highlighting and relevant updates to the course schedule. 

See an example of  Prior Add/Drop Information here:

Spring 2020 Add/drop information for Second Years 

Non-Haas Courses

You will use CalCentral to register for non-Haas courses. You can view courses via the academic guide in areas of interest. For a step-by-step guide on enrolling in non-Haas classes please click here