We expect you to maintain high standards of integrity in your academic work and your conduct while you are a Haas student.

At the Haas School, it is our goal to prepare you to be a skilled, innovative and ethical business leader. Part of that preparation is found in the standards of conduct we expect of all students.

In particular, please note:

  • All work you turn in to an instructor must be undertaken by you and you alone. Joint work is permitted only when the conditions for that joint work have been clearly established between the students and the instructor.
  • All work will be the product of new research undertaken by students for the purpose of the designated course. Exceptions are allowed only with a prior agreement between student and instructor.
  • In cases of blatant academic dishonesty (see below), a faculty member will assign to the student a final course grade of “F” and recommend to the Center of Student Conduct and Community Standards a one-semester suspension. Blatant academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to:
    • Arranging for another student to take an exam, or taking another student’s exam
    • Plagiarizing by including, without proper citation, more than 50 words composed by someone else
    • Submitting an exam answer that is virtually verbatim to that of another student, or willfully allowing other students to copy one’s own exam answers
    • Communicating with another student or using a resource (e.g., the Internet) when taking an in-class or take-home exam, where the instructor has explicitly stated in writing that such communication or resource usage is impermissible.

If you have questions about the code of conduct or want to file a complaint, please contact the Assistant Dean. Please review the campus-wide standard for student conduct.