Grades in the MBA program are based on the four-point system:

A = 4
B = 3
C = 2
D = 1
F = 0

For plus and minus grades add 0.3 or subtract 0.3, with the exception of A+, which maintains 4 on the scale.

If you receive a grade lower than C-:

  • In any course, those course units will not count toward the 51 units required for graduation
  • In a core course, you must repeat the course
  • In an elective course, you may repeat the course, although it is not required

Repeating Courses

  • If you repeat a course, your grade-point average (GPA) will be recalculated when the grade for the repeated course is posted to the official record.
  • You may not repeat courses for credit in which you receive a grade of C- or higher.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grades

Some courses are offered on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) grade basis. Generally speaking, all Haas classes that you take to satisfy the 51-unit graduation requirement must be taken for a letter grade.

However, if a class is offered only as S/U, it can count toward your minimum 51 units for graduation.

Any courses you take beyond the required 51 units may be taken S/U.

Any questions about the grading of any exam or assignment, including requests for re-grading, must be sent to the instructor in writing within one week of the time that the exam or assignment is returned to you.

To change your grading option for a course, please write to Requests must be made one week before the specific course’s last day of instruction.

To obtain your grades, shortly after the end of the Fall or Spring semester, go to the CalCentral website.

Core and Elective Grade Policy

The mean GPA in MBA courses with enrollment of 18 or more students should be no more than 3.45 in core courses and 3.50 in elective courses.

Deviations for classes with fewer than 18 students must be approved in advance by theDean’s office, and their mean may not exceed 3.65.

Incomplete Grades

You may be given an incomplete (I) grade when you are unable to complete all of the requirements for a course due to circumstances beyond your control. You must request the instructor’s permission to receive an incomplete. If you have several incompletes, you should discuss plans for satisfying course and graduation requirements with the Assistant Dean.

If you complete course work late, you must petition the instructor for your grade. Petition forms and instructions on how to remove an incomplete grade are available from the MBA Program Office. A separate petition is required for each incomplete grade.

All course work (including Independent Study MBA293) must be graded and all incomplete grades removed by the last day of finals of the semester in which you intend to graduate. Late course work automatically postpones conferral of your degree to the following semester.


The majority of core courses utilize traditional final exams. The MBA Program Office coordinates exam dates and distributes the core course final exam schedule prior to the start of the semester.

The majority of elective courses do not utilize traditional final exams, but rather papers, case write-ups, group projects, etc. If you aren’t sure whether a class has a final exam, check the syllabus or ask the instructor before making any plans that might conflict.

The final exam period is set well in advance (refer to the academic calendar), but the precise schedule of elective exams is not set until the add/drop period has ended and rosters are finalized. The MBA Program Office then schedules exams with three goals in mind: avoiding students having two exams at the same day/time; ensuring students have a day between exams wherever possible; and having the shortest exam period possible.

If you are taking a course that has a final, do not make any plans for the exam period until the exam schedule has been announced.


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