Elective Schedule

The Spring 2024 Elective Schedule contains a list of all FTMBA electives available.

A few things to note about the elective spreadsheet:

  • The course numbers are linked to the description for each course
  • In cases where courses meet in a structure other than the full 15 weeks, the meeting dates are noted in the “meeting dates” column
  • Classes will be held in person unless otherwise noted on the elective schedule
  • Faculty reserve the right to drop any student who does not attend the first day of class without their explicit prior approval. Keep this in mind as you review course start dates

Class capacities, course descriptions, and faculty evaluations can all be accessed through OLR.

Pre-recorded class overviews (not all classes will have a recorded overview; available recordings will be added in this section)

Recording links will be posted if there are available overviews.

Requesting EWMBA Electives

If you are interested in requesting a seat in an elective course offered by the Evening-Weekend program, you can do so on a space-available basis.

* EW courses not available for requests: ‘bidding only’ courses, dual-listed EMBA courses, most international travel courses (keep in mind that this is not an all-inclusive list; some EW courses may become not available to Full-Time student enrollment requests should there be changes/updates in the courses)

During Add/Drop, you can email the Academics Team at [email protected] with the full course number and title. We will meet with EW to review the requests.

Important: Enrollments must not conflict with other MBA courses (other FTMBA or EWMBA).

  • Spring 2024 EWMBA elective schedule (look for the Spring 2024 Comprehensive EW Calendars & Schedules link, then check out the Evening & Saturday Electives and Sunday & Off Schedule Electives tabs)
  • First day to submit your requests: November 7, 2023
  • Last day to submit your requests: January 23, 2024
  • To submit your request: email the Academics Team at [email protected] with the full course number and title

Non-Haas Electives

If you are interested in exploring academic subjects outside of Business to complement your MBA coursework, check out the instructions on how to enroll in non-MBA courses. In the instructions, we also included a link to confidential feedback previous FTMBA students have shared about select non-Haas classes.

The campus has a different enrollment timeline from the MBA enrollment phases. Remember to check the University Registrar’s calendar and the respective department of the non-Haas courses for enrollment deadlines.

Have you taken a Non-Haas Elective?
Help your peers and future FTMBA students get a sense for these courses by providing feedback about your experience of a non-MBA class!

Independent Study (MBA293)

Independent study (MBA293) is a self-directed course sponsored by Haas faculty designed to support students who would like to research an academic topic that is not currently covered in an existing UC Berkeley course.

If you are interested in learning more about Independent Study and/or how to apply, we invite you to read our instruction and application guide. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis up until the application deadline.

Spring 2024 Application available: January 16 to February 2, 2024

Student-Initiated Courses (MBA294)

If you are interested in leading a student-initiated course as part of your MBA program, review this information for the most commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions or would like to set up an advising appointment to discuss your proposal, we’re happy to talk with you!