At Berkeley Haas, learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Participating in student government, clubs, conferences, and case competitions helps you form lasting relationships with a strong network of alumni in your field of interest while practicing your leadership skills.

To support your growth, the Student Life & Leadership Development (SL&LD) Team provides leadership coaching and personal guidance on priorities, health and wellbeing, and navigating Haas and UC Berkeley.

Start Connecting

There are many ways to build connections while at Haas. To stay informed about all the social and co-curricular activities available to you, check these out regularly:

  • Program Office Newsletter: Sent automatically to your email on a weekly basis
  • Slack: Follow #ask-ftmbalife, #ask-ftacademics-staff_classof2X, and other student-initiated channels. You’re automatically added to Program Office channels, then browse and add yourself to other channels of interest.
  • Campus Groups Website: You’re added to this site during Week Zero.
  • MBAA & Club Newsletters: When you sign up with the MBAA and other clubs, you’ll be added to their distribution lists through Campus Groups.
  • Institute and Center Emails: Sign up for communications directly with them as you identify your interests.

Get Involved

MBA Association

The Berkeley Haas MBA Association (MBAA) is the elected student representation of the Full-time MBA Program. The MBAA is an integral part of student life at Haas.

The MBAA team consists of 13 elected officers who serve as representatives of the student body across all aspects of the student experience. The MBAA’s goal is to continuously improve the Haas experience and ensure the needs of all students are organized, vocalized, and prioritized by the Haas administration and the UC Berkeley community.

Many Haas experiences sit within the MBAA’s discretion. Students have historically paid a one-time fee of $375 to participate. This fee is only paid once and covers you for all MBAA activities and support for your entire experience here.

How does the MBAA contribute to the community?

The MBAA works to improve all aspects of academics, professional, and social life at Haas in an inclusive way that empowers and honors our whole community. These efforts are nearly always completed in partnership with clubs, faculty, the MBA Program Office, and/or individual Haasies. Here are a few examples:

  • Campus-wide communications on events at Haas, by Haas clubs and the MBAA
  • Representation and resources for International students
  • Ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of our experience
  • Being liaisons between student body, faculty, and administration
  • Collaborating with faculty, Deans, and the academics office to evolve the academic offerings and coursework
  • Offering community service activities, especially in partnership with Service@Haas 

Traditionally, the MBAA has organized and led these activities:

  • Cohort Olympics – The start of the battle for the Golden Egg (which is awarded to the best Cohort)
  • Health and Wellness Weeks
  • Consumption Function – Monthly community events which celebrate our diverse student body over food and drinks
  • Story Salon – Monthly community events which highlight personal stories from our diverse student body
  • Fundraising for charity, community service organizing, and raising money for the Haas Student Fund, which supports our community members who will go into non-profit internships

Berkeley Haas MBA Clubs & Registered Student Organizations

MBA clubs, along with other student organizations, are a vital part of your experience at Haas. Taking a leadership role in these provide you opportunities to showcase the theories and skills you’re learning at Haas in a safe and supportive environment.

If you are a club leader looking for resources on event planning, please refer to the Program Office page in Campus Groups, then email the Student Life & Leadership Development for a consultation.

Leadership Development Workshop Series

The SL&LD team will offer several workshops focused on managing yourself, so you can manage others. These are experiential sessions where you can quickly start honing the skills you’re learning.