Your club or conference committee needs to secure donations to support their events.

The Student Experience Team and the CMG Relationship Manager who covers the industry you’re seeking sponsorship from can help your craft a fundraising strategy and advise you on best practices.

Please review these guidelines before getting started on fundraising:

Develop Your Fundraising Plan

  • Be sure your entire group is clear on your “pitch.” Clarify dates, location, and themes of event.
  • Develop a budget for your event. Start with a previous year’s budget and adjust as needed to reflect how much you anticipate raising.
  • Prepare a list of companies you want to target for sponsorship. Be strategic about your targets and research the industry and companies you’re targeting.
  • Identify contacts at the companies you have targeted. Use your personal networks, Haas colleagues, CareerNet, alumni listed on @Cal, and former work colleagues.
  • Schedule a meeting with the CMG Account Manager that covers the industry you’re seeking sponsorship from to have them review your target list, provide advice and recommendations, and help you develop your pitch.

Solicit Donations

  • Make initial contact with the companies you are soliciting by email.
  • Follow up with a voicemail.
  • Prepare the next phone call and anticipate potential obstacles ahead of time and prepare a response.
  • Follow up your email or phone call. Anticipate potential obstacles and have a prepared response.
  • Draft an email to send to your prospect listing all the pertinent details.
  • Once a firm agrees to sponsor, review all of the steps needed to obtain payment promptly.
  • Send the company an invoice.
  • Enter your confirmed sponsorships into the Corporate Fundraising Tracker.

After the Event

  • Write thank you notes to each of your sponsors, speakers, and in-kind donors.
  • Capture your fundraising insights in a debrief report following your event. Pass it along to future club leadership.

The Student Experience Team holds the right to access the finances of the student organizations it oversees to verify appropriate management of club and conference monies, and audits the books of two to four student groups each semester.

Contact for Processing Sponsorships

Student Experience Team