Even the greatest event needs to be publicized. Follow these steps to get people’s attention:

1. Start by adding the event to the appropriate calendar

  • The CampusGroups Calendar and Strictly Business are for student-focused events within the Berkeley Haas community

Calendar tips:

  • Events that will attract both students and the public are appropriate to list on both calendars.
  • Always check both calendars when planning events to avoid conflicts
    • Submitting an event to the calendar DOES NOT mean that it will automatically be included in Strictly Business (see below for getting an event included in Strictly Business)

How to Add Events to the Calendars

  • Submit the information for your event here event using the appropriate form.
  • Go to the CampusGroups Calendar and login using your CampusGroups username and password; add events through the appropriate club

2. Consider the purpose of publicizing your event

Do you want to want to fill seats at an event by reaching out to potential audiences, or do you want to attract media coverage?

Here are some options to consider:

  • Strictly Business: This weekly full-time MBA newsletter is distributed every Monday. To add an announcement or event to the MBAA calendar or newsletter, fill out this form.
  • The Dean’s Office: Send announcements of major events to the Dean’s Assistant, Monica Colombo.
  • Student Clubs: You may be able to get participation by letting graduate and undergraduate clubs know about your event.
  • Academic Programs: Some Haas academic programs use broadcast email to notify students about events or post upcoming events on their websites. Contact the appropriate program office.
  • Alumni Network: You can reach the Haas Alumni Network by emailing alumni@haas.berkeley.edu. The Alumni Relations office can advise you about any potential synergies between events or any overlapping events that may be taking place. They can also help you leverage the Haas Alumni Network to make your event succeed.
    • Berkeley Haas News This e-newsletter for Haas alumni features content from Haas NewsWire.
    • Contacting alumni directly the UC Berkeley Development Office, which sends monthly emails to 70,000 alumni. Submit alumni engagement requests here.
  • Other Haas Program calendars: MFE, Executive MBA and PhD programs
  • Other Berkeley Graduate School calendars: Boalt Hall School of Law, the School of Journalism, College of Engineering, and many others have online or print newsletters and calendars.
  • The Berkeleyan publishes news and events of interest to faculty and staff twice a monthly (in print) as well as on the UC Berkeley online calendar. You can submit an event online and may request a top-of-page “Critics Choice” listing.
  • If you would like to post content on the Haas School YouTube page, please reach out to the Student Experience Team.

Publicity Tips

Marketing works best if you know:

  • Your audience. Who will be most interested in attending your event? How will you reach them?
  • Your publicity goals. Are you trying to sell tickets, fill seats, find sponsors, share the event with the campus, share the event with the entire community, attract recruiters or get media coverage?
  • Which tactics will help you meet your goals. To maximize publicity for your event you can do any of the following:
    • Take advantage of Haas calendars, program alerts and publications
    • Get media attention from local papers with the help of the Marketing & Communications Office
    • Place flyers around campus
    • Reach out to business and community associations
    • Partner with student clubs, campus departments and alumni groups