PHDBA 259S-1, MORS Colloquium, Professor Barry Staw. Cheit 110, Wednesdays from 4-5:30 pm (* unless otherwise noted)

Aug. 29 Uri Simonsohn
Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
“Just Post It: The Lesson from Two Cases of Fabricated Data Detected by Statistics Alone.”
Sept. 5 Andrew Hargadon
University of California, Davis
“Between Conception and Creation: Uncertainty, Commitment, and the Innovation of Penicilin.”
Penicillin represents both one of the most significant medical breakthroughs of the modern era, and one of the most widely known and misrepresented histories of scientific discovery. Historical narratives of scientific discovery and innovation typically focus on the causal roles of chance and novel insights. Lesser but still appreciated roles are granted to the efforts and accomplishments needed to convert those insights into shared facts, artifacts, and institutions. However, recalling T.S. Eliot, between the idea and the reality, the conception and the creation, falls the shadow. Largely ignored in historical narratives are the central roles of uncertainty and commitment in connecting the conception and the creation of penicillin. Drawing from the historical accounts of those involved in penicillin’s development, this research constructs new theory accounting for the roles of uncertainty and commitment in the innovation process, and explores the broader implications for research on innovation.
Sept. 12 Robb Willer
Department of Sociology
University of California, Berkeley
“Dual Motivations Sustaining Social Order: Status and Altruism Solve the Collective Action Problem.”
Sept. 19 Vladas Griskevicius
University of Montana
“The Surprising Effects of Sex Ratio on Saving, Spending, and Career Choices.”
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Sept. 26 Malia Mason
Columbia University
“What Goes ’round Goes…Away? Adjustments from Round Offers in Price Negotiations.”
Oct. 3 Kimberly Elsbach
University of California, Davis
“Identifying with NASCAR: Prestige, Value Congruence, and Collective Identification.”
Oct. 10 Serena Chen
Department of Psychology
University of California, Berkeley
“Transference and the Relational Self: Implications for Evaluating the Self and Others.”
Oct. 17 Stéphane Côté
University of Toronto
“Temper or Tempered? Aligning Anger with Role for Social Change.”
Oct. 24 Greta Hsu
University of California, Davis
“Category Taken-for-Grantedness as a Strategic Opportunity: The Case of Light Cigarettes, 1964-1993.”
Oct. 31 No Colloquium
Nov. 7 No Colloquium
Nov. 14 Brian Reschke
MORS PhD Student
Nov. 21 Thanksgiving Break—No Colloquium
Nov. 28 No Colloquium
Dec. 3 Frank Flynn
Stanford University
“Guilt is Good: The Positive Link Between Guilt-Proneness and Employee Behavior”