The dissertation titles and job placements for our graduates in Business & Public Policy

Petr Martynov, 2022
Essays on Frictions in Financial Intermediation

Muhammad Yasir Khan, 2021
University of Pittsburgh
Essays on the Incentives and Motivations of State Personnel

Thiago de Gouvea Scot de Arruda, 2021
World Bank
Essays on Development Economics and State Capacity

Oren Reshef, 2020
Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis
Essays in Competition, Digitization, and Innovation

Abhay Aneja, 2019
Berkeley Law
Essays on Political and Economic Inequality

Laura Boudreau, 2019
Columbia Business School Economics Division
Essays on Working Conditions, Labor Markets, and Multinational Buyers in Developing Countries

Hyoseok Kang, 2019
Essays on Competition, Public Policy, and Innovation

Sibo Lu, 2018
Search and Signaling on an Online Labor Market

Aisling Scott, 2018
Essays in Behavioral Economics

Yoonha Kim, 2017
Georgetown University
Immigrant Assimilation and Labor Market Outcomes

Jeffrey Kuhn, 2017
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Measurement and Causal Inference in Patent Strategy

Santiago Truffa, 2017
Tulane University
Essays on Urban Economics

Moshe Barach, 2016
Georgetown University
Essays on Platform Markets

Yujin Kim, 2016
Shanghai Science and Technology University (Shanghai Tech)
Essays on Innovation and Technology Commercialization

Bo Cowgill, 2015
Columbia University
Essays on the Economics of Organizations, Productivity, and Labor

Tarek Ghani, 2015
Washington University in St. Louis – Olin Business School
Essays on Markets and Institutions in Emerging Economies

Pablo Hernandez, 2013
New York University Abu Dhabi
Essays on the Role of Leadership on Cooperation, Competition, and the Consolidation of Power

Amy Nguyen-Chyung, 2013
University of Michigan
Essays on Entrepreneurial Choice and Non-Market Strategy

Orie Shelef, 2013
Stanford University; Postdoctoral Fellow
Essays on Contracting: Explicit Managerial Contracts and Implicit Relational Influence Contracts

Edward Egan, 2012
The Economics of Patent Citations: Startup Commercialization Strategy, Value, and Success

Bryan Hong, 2012
University of Western Ontario
Three Essays on Management and Organization

Sharat Raghavan, 2012
National University of Singapore; Research Fellow
Essays in Entrepreneurial Finance and Strategy

Neil Thompson, 2012
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Business
Academia’s Use of Intellectual Property and Its Impact on the Underlying Science

Dylan Minor, 2011
Northwestern University
Essays on Competition: Contests, Personnel Economics, and Corporate Citizenship

Sharon Poczter, 2011
Cornell University
Essays on Financial Crisis and Institutions

Justin Tumlinson, 2011
Ifo Institute for Economic Research, University of Munich
Empirical Studies in the Economics of Organizations

Victor Bennett, 2010
University of Southern California
Empirical Studies in the Economics of Organizations

Deepak Hegde, 2010
NYU Stern School of Business
Essays on Institutions and Innovation

Sanny Xiao Yang Liao, 2010
Three Essays in Political Economy and Public Policy

Richard Dick Wang, 2010
University of Minnesota
Essays on Competitive Strategy and Innovation Management

Constanca Esteves-Sorenson, 2009
Yale School of Management
Inertia and Earnings Gaps: Essays in Behavioral and Labor Economics

Brian Chen, 2009
Shorenstein Center at Stanford University
Three Essays on the Impact of Cost Containment Policies on the Supply and Demand of Health Care Services and on Health Outcomes

Barak Richman, 2009
Duke Law School
Essays in Private Ordering: Mechanisms, Efficiencies, and the Law

Robert Seamans, 2009
NYU Stern School of Business
Strategic and Structural Barriers to Entry

Maria Andrea Martens Olivares, 2008
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Three Essays in Empirical Organization

Ian Larkin, 2007
Harvard Business School
Incentive and Contracting Problems in Enterprise Software

Siona Listokin, 2007
George Mason University
Essays in Political Economy

Connson Chou Locke, 2008
London School of Economics
The Downside of Looking Like a Leader: Examining the Effects for Leadership Demeanor on Follower Voice

Evan Rawley, 2007
Wharton School of Business
Organization and Performance: Evidence from Microdata

Simon Wakeman, 2007
European School of Management & Technology ( Berlin)
Contracting and Intellectual Property Issues in Biotech Commercialization Strategy

Oliver Beige, 2006
Mercedes-Benz Research
Essays on Preference and Influence

Aaron Chatterji, 2006
Duke University
Empirical Essays on Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility

Helen (Feng) Liang, 2006
Rutgers Business School
Three Essays of Firm Productivity, Technology Spillovers, and Foreign Direct Investment

Jason Alan Snyder, 2006
UCLA, Anderson School of Management
Three Essays on Healthcare Markets and Political Economy

Kira Markiewicz, 2005
Emory University
Knowledge Exploitation, Open Science, and Firm Strategy in a Changing Intellectual Property Rights Environment

John Lamar Pierce, 2005
Carnegie Mellon University
Organizational Structure and Forecasting Capabilities in Consumer Automobile Leasing

Michael Toffel, 2005
Harvard Business School
Voluntary Environmental Management Initiatives: Smoke Signals or Smoke Screens

Geoff Edwards, 2004
Lexecon, Ltd.
The Political Economy of Telecommunications Regulation

Timothy Simcoe, 2004
University of Toronto
Papers on Standards and Technology

Daniel Snow, 2004
Harvard University
Technological Innovation and Firms

Stuart J.H. Graham, 2003
Georgia Institute of Technology
Capturing Value with Secrecy: three Studies Exploring Firms’ Uses of Continuation Patenting in Appropriating Returns from Technological Innovation

Dov Rothman, 2003
Columbia University
Organizational Form and Pricing of Medical Services

Garrick Blalock, 2002
Cornell University
Technology Adoption from Foreign Direct Investment and Exporting Evidence from Indonesian Manufacturing

Bruce Heiman, 2002
San Francisco State University
Knowledge and Governance on Collaboration

Robert Lowe, 2002
Carnegie Mellon University
University Research Through New Firm Formation