The MORS group (Micro)
Research by micro faculty and students in the MORS group focuses on a broad range of questions on topics including judgment and decision making, status and power, organizational culture, gender, ethics, diversity, negotiations, and nonverbal interaction. To tackle these questions, faculty, and students build new theory, develop rigorous research designs, collect data (often via experiments), analyze results, and prepare their research for dissemination via academic conferences and peer-reviewed journals. The program aims to train the next generation of behavioral scientists.

MORS micro faculty

To be connected to one of our current MORS micro students, please email the PhD program office at [email protected].

Micro track program
The first two years of coursework in the micro track of the MORS PhD program include rigorous training in research design, psychological theory, organizational behavior, and research methods. Students take courses taught in Berkeley’s top-ranked Psychology Department, as well as a theory sequence taught by micro MORS faculty. The curriculum also features a methods sequence aimed at training students to understand the latest principles of open science and experimental analysis tools. Students in the MORS program enjoy the many possibilities made available to behavioral scientists on the greater Berkeley campus. The MORS PhD program boasts an excellent placement record, having populated the faculty ranks of the top universities in the country.

MORS Micro curriculum 

Current Micro students

Dissertations and selected placements of MORS PhD students