Dissertation titles and job placements for our graduates in Marketing

Stephen Baum, 2023
Washington University in St. Louis
Biases in Improvement Decisions

Jesse (Yunfei) Yao, 2023
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Role of Information in Marketing Strategy

Fan Zhang, 2023
Nova School of Business and Economics
Variety Seeking in High-Frequency Consumption: New Implications for Targeted Marketing

Kristin Donnelly, 2022
Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
Once and Again: Repeated Viewing Affects Judgments of Spontaneity and Preparation

Alexey Sinyashin, 2022
Charles River Associates
Optimal Policies for Differentiated Green Products: Characteristics and Usage of Electric Vehicles

Zihao (Harry) Zhou, 2021
University College London – School of Management
Essays on Quantitative Marketing Theory

Xin Chen, 2020
Singapore Management University (SMU)
Social Promotional Strategies and Consumer Choice: Evidence from an Online Field Experiment

Eddie Ning, 2019
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Essays on Stochastic Bargaining and Label Informativeness

Michael O’Donnell, 2019
Essays on the Expression and Measurement of Consumer Preferences

Nan Chen, 2018
National University of Singapore
Estimating Airlines’ Dynamic Price Competition

Hannah Perfecto, 2017
Washington University in St. Louis
Facilitating Decision-Making Through Attribute Matching

Zachary Zhong, 2017
University of Toronto
Essays on Online Platforms

Andy Wei-Rong Chen, 2016
University of British Colombia
Essays in Consumer Stockpiling Behavior and Competitive Firm Marketing Strategies

Hagit Perry, 2016
Dr. Hagit Perry
Introductions Through Inducing Consumer Trying

Scott S. Roeder, 2016
Washington University in St. Louis
The Disparity Between What We Know and How We Communicate

Yu-Ping Chen, 2015
National Taiwan University College of Management
Essays on Consumer Neuroscience: Decoding the Mind of the Consumer

T. Tony Ke, 2015
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Three Essays in Operations and Marketing

Ron Berman, 2014
University of Pennsylvania
Essays on Incentives and Measurement of Online Marketing Efforts

So Eun Park, 2014
The University of British Columbia
Essays on Bounded Rationality in Games and Markets

Tongil (TI) Kim, 2013
Emory University
Incentives in Firm’s Unobservable, Endogenous Decisions: Diversity and Service Effort

Shubhranshu Singh, 2013
Johns Hopkins University
Essays on Corruptible Markets, Strategic Certification, and Online Peer Effects

Chan Jean Lee, 2012
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Mood-congruency Versus Mood-Incongruency in Aesthetic Preferences: The Role of Interpersonal Relationships

Pedro Gardete, 2011
Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
On the Roles of Information in the Interaction of Agents in Markets

James Winslow Sawhill, 2010
Rutgers – State University of New Jersey
Three Essays on Strategic Considerations for Product Development

Ravi Shanmugam, 2010
Santa Clara University
Two Essays on Retailing and Political Advertising Strategy

Yakov Bart, 2009
Multiproduct Competition with Demand Complementarity

Mario Capizzani, 2009
IESE Business School
Do Auctioneers Matter in Determining Auction Outcomes?

Steven Craig Huff, 2008
Brigham Young University
The Role of Superfluous Ratings and Menu Choice in Preference Construction

Qiaowei Shen, 2008
University of Pennsylvania
Industry Dynamics and Firms’ Strategic Entry and Exit

Ayse Yesim Orhun, 2006
University of Chicago
Product Positioning Strategies

Juanjuan Zhang, 2006
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
History, Expectation, and Market Outcomes

James Eric Heyman, 2005
University of St. Thomas, Minnesota
Revealed Confidence Reverses the Hard-Easy Effect

Johanna Sussman Ilfeld, 2004
Investigating Social Learning Effects in the Consumer Choice of Health Care Plan Adoption

Liang Guo, 2004
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Essays on Consumption Flexibility, Stockpiling, and Market Interactions

Dmitri Georgievich Kuksov, 2003
Washington University, St. Louis
The Role of Search, Information, and Strategic Decision-Making in a Competitive Marketplace

Sharon Horsky, 2001
Interdisciplinary Center for Business, Law & Technology, Israel
The Choice and Architecture of Advertising Agencies