The following is a list of candidates on the job market. For more information, please contact the Berkeley Haas PhD Program Office at or (510) 642-3944.


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Business and Public Policy

Student Job Market Paper CV
Abhay Aneja The Effect of Political Power on Labor Market Inequality: Evidence from the 1965 Voting Rights Act. CV
Laura Boudreau Supply Chain Enforcement of Labor Law: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh’s Apparel Sector CV
Hyo Kang How Does Competition Affect Innovation? Evidence from U.S. Antitrust Cases. CV


Student Job Market Paper CV
Coming soon! CV


Student Job Market Paper CV
Eddie Ning How to Make an Offer? A Stochastic Model of the Sales Process. CV
Michael O’Donnell Preference Reversals in Willingness-to-Pay and Choice. CV

More candidates coming soon.

Management of Organizations

Candidates coming soon.

Real Estate

Candidates coming soon.

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