The following is a list of candidates on the job market. For more information, please contact the respective placement officer for each program.


Field Advisor: Yaniv Konchitchki,

2023 candidates coming soon.

Business and Public Policy

Placement Officer: Reed Walker,

2023 candidates coming soon.


Placement Officer: Christine Parlour,

Student Job Market Paper CV
Maris Jensen Manufactured Housing and Market Foreclosure CV
Dominik Jurek Patents, Innovation, and Market Entry CV
Melissa Wang Comment Display Matters: Evidence from Reddit’s WallStreetBets CV
Simon Xu Environmental Regulatory Risks, Firm Pollution, and Mutual Funds’ Portfolio Choices CV
Xiao Yin

Learning in the Limit: Income Inference from Credit Extension


Management of Organizations

Placement Officers: Juliana Schroeder,; and Mathijs De Vaan,

More 2022-2023 candidates coming soon.

Student Job Market Paper CV
N. Derek Brown If you Rise, I Fall: Equality is Prevented by the Misperception that it Harms Advantaged Groups CV
Sonya Mishra Coming soon CV


Placement Officer: Yuichiro Kamada,; and Ellen Evers,

Student Job Market Paper CV
Stephen Baum The Competing Preferences Illusion CV
Yunfei (Jesse) Yao Dynamic Persuasion and Strategic Search  CV
Fan Zhang Variety Seeking in High-Frequency Consumption: New Implications for Targeted Marketing CV

Real Estate

Placement Officer: Amir Kermani,

Student Job Market Paper CV
Can Huang Networks in Venture Capital Markets CV