Christopher Rider

PhD 08
Assistant Professor, Organization & Management
Goizueta Business School
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia

“At some point, I realized that I would never be truly challenged to do my best work unless that work was my own. While studying for my MBA, I learned that an academic environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and accepts open-ended answers to interesting research questions is one that I prefer to a corporate environment.”

Rider’s reasons for preferring Haas include the interdisciplinary approach of the Management of Organizations (MORS) program and the Bay Area climate, suitable for year-round running, biking, and swimming. He was also moved by the recommendations of respected University of Chicago professors, who praised Haas for its academic rigor and exceptional faculty.

Through work with this top-notch faculty, access to the greater UC Berkeley campus, and valued interaction and feedback from fellow PhD students, Rider developed a research program that crossed multiple levels of analysis-from organization to group to individual. His primary research interest was studying the way social networks, primarily those formed by prior education, employment, and team experiences, influence new venture creation, inter-organizational investment patterns, individual- and group-level performance and the decision-making norms of groups and teams.

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