Dylan Minor

PhD 11
Assistant Professor
Northwestern University

His curiosity piqued by a survey where CEOs claimed reputation management, not revenue, was the primary driver of corporate social responsibility programs (CSR), Dylan Minor set out to see how effective CSR is in protecting a firm’s brand. His analysis of 15 years of S&P 500 data proved that reputation does matter; firms with strong CSR reputations weathered events such as product recalls better than those without.

“My world view, which is strongly influenced by my religious beliefs, is that non-materialistic motives and goals are equally, sometimes more, important than purely financial ones. It’s what attracts me to issues at the intersection of corporate strategy and ethics.”

Minor also finds the “crazy smart and heterogeneous” Haas faculty and student body integral to the school’s spirit of collaboration and collegiality. Plus, “the Haas history for placing its graduates in professorships at top schools is as good as it gets.”