Pablo I. Hernández-Lagos

PhD ’13,
Assistant Professor, NYU- Abu Dhabi

“Business is filled with many complex relationships between human beings and organizations, public and private. I want to explore those relationships and how to make them better. Studying Business and Public Policy is the perfect connection.”

Previous degrees:

MS, Applied Economics
BS Industrial Engineering
Universidad de Chile

“Back at home in Chile, I never imagined that I would get to know people from diverse places like India, Portugal, and Israel. I can take what I learn from the diversity here, and use it like a window to the rest of the world. I was in the right place, at the right time in terms of being asked to assist Dean Rich Lyons with the talks he was giving in Chile on competitiveness. It really says something about the Haas culture that the dean, who is a professor too, was willing to take a chance on me.”

“Everyone here is so well-qualified, so smart. Yet, they are not afraid of being surpassed by someone else. We all support each other. Professor John Morgan has been very supportive in helping me find the right problem, the right idea to pursue in my research. I have the feeling that he really wants me to succeed.”

“Fostering innovation means not being afraid to challenge the status quo. It was amazing to sit in Professor Oliver Williamson’s seminar — a Nobel laureate — and listen to him invite rivals and differing opinions from the other people in the room. Being open to challenge, and being willing to refute challenges, are important here.”